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How and When to eat fruits

Fruits are a great source of fibre, potassium, vitamin c and many other nutrients. These nutrients guard our bodies against various diseases and illness. Including fruits in our diet the right way can improve not only our digestion but our vitamin intake as well. Eating fruits the right way is …

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The first Professor Viswanathan Gold Medal Oration @ Stanley Medical College

Chennai 2018 :   Senior experts from the field of Diabetology participated in the first PROF. M. VISWANATHAN STANLEY MEDICAL COLLEGE GOLD MEDAL ORATION organised by Institute of Diabetology ofGOVT. STANLEY MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HOSPITAL. Renowned medical experts namely Dr. Ponnambala Namasivayam , Dean – Govt. Stanley Medical College and Hospital  , Dr. D. Shantharam, Former Vice- Chancellor of …

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Cancer is one of the world’s mostpressing health care challenges. On the whole, research progress from one yearto the next is incremental, and true breakthroughs are exceptional. Nevertheless, every year bringsnew knowledge and insights that help direct further research and ultimatelyimprove the outlook for patients with cancer. What’s New in Oncology-2018-deliberated …

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Aishwarya Trust funds 55 successful Heart Transplants

Chennai, 2018: Heart transplant is a life saving procedure. Tamil Nadu leads the COUNTRY in organ donation because of the excellent initiatives of the Government of Tamil Nadu. However, affordability of the operation is always a problem due to the costs involved. Aishwarya Trust, one of the leading NGOs dedicated …

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Chennai, 12th December, 2018 – In a major milestone, Parvathy Hospital, Chennai, celebrated a rare case of achievement in achieving complete mobility to a 100 year old patient who underwent a Total Hip Replacement Procedure, enabling him to function independently for more than 4 years. The fully recovered centenarian celebrated his 100th birthday along with Orthopedic …

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