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World Arthritis Day Celebrations at TOSH

Hon’ble Minister For Health & Family Welfare Dr.C.Vijayabaskar inaugurated the World Arthritis Day Celebrations at TOSH (Trauma & Orthopaedic Speciality Hospital). Stem cell cartilage Regeneration @ Kilpauk, Chennai

The role of stem cell therapy in Orthopaedics is gaining importance all over the world. The ability of stem cells to transform into bone and cartilage has given a new dimension in the treatment of fractures, non union, ligament tears and osteoarthritis. Stem cells have shown significant clinical results in early knee osteoarthritis and cartilage defects. Initially it was performed in two stages with 6 weeks apart. Now, recent advances in stem cell centrifuging techniques have closed this time gap and the new concept of single stage surgery has come into vogue.

Another milestone in the treatment of knee arthritis has been reached by the doctors in TOSH hospital, by an innovative stem cells based single stage technique for regeneration of damaged or worn out cartilage in knee arthritis. We have entered a new era in arthritis treatment in collaboration with Prof.A.A.Shetty from United Kingdom and Prof.Peter Kim from South Korea by introducing this new single stage technique for regeneration of damaged or worn out cartilage in knee arthritis. For the first time in India, the live demonstration of this unique surgery in India is being held on the 1st of March 2014 in TOSH hospital Chennai.

Prof.A.A.Shetty, Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Stem Cell Reasearch in Canterbury Christchurch University, UK and Prof. Seok Jung Kim, Director of RMS (Regenerative Medical System) Korea, are the pioneers in the field of stem cell therapy in cartilage regeneration. Initially, stem cell therapy in knee arthritis was not very popular as the harvested stem cells were sent to a lab for culture. After six weeks, the cultured stem cells were injected in liquid form into the knee joint and the concentration at the defect site was less. The procedures were time consuming and costly. Furthermore, the patients were advised not to bear weight on the affected knee for a period of 6 weeks. But in this new technique, the stems cells are harvested and centrifuged in the operaton theatre itself. The stem cell concentrate is then mixed with a special fibrin gel and fixed directly at the site of cartilage damage through an arthroscopic procedure (Keyhole surgery). As the fixation is immediate, the patient is allowed to walk the very next day of surgery.

This technique sets a new bench mark in the treatment of knee arthritis and the cost is significantly less when compared to joint replacement. This surgery will help young and middle aged patients with early arthritis. This technique is FDA approved and is safe and effective. This successful surgery will be soon available to all patients in TOSH (Trauma and Orthoapaedic Speciality hospital) in the months to come.

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