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Why will Jersey be a Telugu movie to remember for years?

Be it any genre, Telugu cinema has given some great movies, with each one topping the other. But then there are movies that can never be replaced or remade. One such movie is Jersey. This 2019 Telugu movie had an unbeaten run in the theatre and is all set to become a future classic. The movie managed to get favourable reviews from both critics and audience through its inspirational storyline and strong performances. Many believe that the movie had the elements to inspire someone and was able to speak to a lot of people in the audience. With me being one of them, I thought why not take time out and write about one of the movies that inspired me in the recent past. So today, we are counting down reasons as to why Jersey would always be a Telugu movie that would be remembered for years.

Underdog story: Movies come in different genres. Where romantic and comedy flicks help us kill time, it is movies with underdog stories that fuel the fire inside us. But it’s not easy to do it, and not every underdog movie was successful in doing it. For someone to connect and feel for the characters in the movie, the directors have to pay a lot of attention to characterisation in the movie, which was perfectly done by director Gowtham Tinnanuri in Jersey. From building well-etched characters to creating goosebump worthy scenes, Gowtham has set a new benchmark with Jersey.

Non-masala treatment: Masala elements are best served in a movie, where the audience actually expects. Like if the movie is a commercial movie, then those who walk into the theatre expect some great masala scenes and larger than life fight sequences. But for a movie that is all set to inspire the audience, these masala elements are of no use. Hence, kudos to Gowtham for giving this movie a non-masala treatment. Which if you ask me, looking at the audience’s response, has done proper justice to the movie.

Rare focus on cricket in Telugu cinema: Cricket is not the national game of India, but they might as well make it because the craze for cricket among the Indian audience is unmatchable. This applies to the Telugu audience as well. But for some reason, Telugu cinema has not produced many movies based on the very sport. Till date, there have been hardly three cricket based movies in Telugu that worked well among the audience and critics.

Star cast performances: If I have to sum the cast’s performance in the movie in one word, then it has to be ‘Exceptional’. Both Nani and Shraddha Srinath has given an impeccable performance in the movie. Let’s start with Nani – the actor who needs no introduction. Staying true to his ‘Natural Star title,   performance in the movie speaks for itself. This is proof that he is an actor who does not fear experimentation and continues to take up more challenging movies and roles. On the other end, Jersey is Shraddha Srinath’s debut in Tollywood, and her performance was nothing short of impressive. Hers is possibly one of the best written female characters in Tollywood this year. After making waves in Kannada and Tamil film industries, Jersey shows that she is here to stay.

Good music by Anirudh Ravichander: Jersey is a movie that is based on Underdog where the character fight against all the odds and keeps marching towards his goals. With such an emotion-rich backdrop in place, I think it is very clever of Gowtham to lock the young musical sensation Anirudh Ravichander, to compose music for Jersey. On its release, the music turned to be outstanding with ‘Adhento Gaani Vunnapaatuga’ becoming a chartbuster. outstanding Jersey was already a great movie, but when combined with Anirudh’s music, it got insanely better.

These are just some of the many reasons why I think the movie Jersey is going to be in the heart of the Telugu audience for a long time. Do you agree with me? Let me know your take on the movie in the comments. See you all on the next one.

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