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Wakefit’s #MaaKyaChahtiHai Campaign Aims to Make Mother’s Day Special for Supermoms

National, 2019: Our mothers are undeniably our true superheroes. From the first morning alarm until the goodnight kiss, mothers always work to make the day better for us. Her strength is unmatched, and her selfless care, unfathomable. In the hustle bustle of daily life, our mothers often forget to catch up on sleep to rejuvenate her tired muscles. Taking this as the context, Wakefit, a sleep solutions startup, rolled out a Mothers’ Day campaign, #MaaKyaChahtiHai. The campaign is live on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Instagram.

The campaign is built on the insight that mothers are constantly sleep deprived, working 24*7 and attending to the needs of their children. Featuring Spruha Joshi, Indian television, film, and theatre actress, who works in the Marathi film and television industry, as the supermom, the video plays on the innocence and wonder of kids who see their mom as their superhero. With this campaign, Wakefit urges people to give their moms the invaluable gift of good sleep.

Commenting on the survey, Ankit Garg, Co-founder & CEO at said, “Even after the tiresome demands of daily schedules, our mothers never forget to fulfil our needs and wishes. According to researchers from the University of Warwick, after the birth of a child, women tend to experience more sleep disruption than men, leading to sleep deprivation up to 6 years after giving birth. #MaaKyaChahtiHai campaign aims at highlighting the need to look after our mother’s health and believes that the best gift to present her this Mother’s Day is the gift of sleep.”

Aakriti Bhargava, Co-founder at BoringBrands added, “Being a mother, this idea was close to my heart. We wanted to bring forth the idea of mothers compromising on sleep for kids, and urging the world to help them sleep better. Wakefit encouraged us to build it up and we took the opportunity to see it through a kid’s eye, in this campaign.’’ (Source)

Wakefit conducted a survey with over 500 respondents across India, with the majority of respondents from the age group between 25 to 45 years. The respondents were primarily female, accounting to approx 63%. Some of the key highlights of the survey were –

  • Moms are selfless and often put their kids preferences before theirs. However, 75% of people didn’t know what their moms’ secret wishes for Mother’s Day were!
  • But a whopping 95% respondents were aware that their moms knew for sure what they would want.
  • Further highlighting mothers’ selfless nature, 83% of people felt their moms wouldn’t even want anything on Mother’s Day!   .
  • If the moms were forced to choose a gift, results revealed that they’d rather choose quality time with their children (60%), given the pressures of modern lifestyles.
  • Interestingly though, when people were asked what their moms needed (#MaaKyaChahtiHai), people seemed rather confused, with half of the respondents (50%) leaning towards experiences like dinner or movie night and the other half (50%) leaning towards material things like clothes, accessories, gadgets and cosmetics.
  • When people were asked how their moms chose to unwind, relaxing and de-stressing activities like catching up on sleep and watching TV ranked the highest (84%)!
  • Gifts that help mothers get rest were revealed to be the best options for children to make Mother’s Day special for their moms. This was the foundation on which the #MaaKyaChahtiHai campaign was built.

Sleep loss and sleep disorders are among the most widely recognized yet frequently neglected health issues that are readily treatable and a report from Gizmodo states that new moms get 41 minutes less sleep after the birth of their first child. (Source) The selfless demeanour of our mothers is enigmatic. Our mothers always have us covered almost like superheroes but in the process end up with a severe sleep deficit. The video suggests that the best gift for mothers this time would be the gift of sleep. The viewers can buy Wakefit mattresses, which provides spinal alignment and back support to users, thus allowing for a peaceful night of sleep.

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