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Tripura Multinational India conducts ‘Building World Class Sales Manager Program’

Chennai, 16th October 2019 – Tripura Multinational India Pvt. Ltd, a Sales Coaching and Consulting firm partners with global organizations to accelerate their sales performances organizeda successful program titled ‘Building World Class Sales Manager Program’ at Chennai.

A set of nearly 20 eager sales professionals from diverse industries took part and found the program extremely useful.

Some of the key learnings from the program was how to develop world class capabilities to work effectively in the changing market, how to tackle their multiple sales target related pressures and problems and importantly how to lead and empower teams

Speaking about the program, Mr. Venkatraman Subramanyan, Founder, Tripura Multinational India Pvt. Ltd said, “Given the dynamic and volatile economic conditions of today, the participating organizations wanted to equip their sales teams with the requisite skills and knowledge.You need a different set of skills and competencies to operate at a higher level and be results driven sales professional that organizations need today. And this program provided them the opportunity to build that strong foundation and learn how to accelerate their sales performance.”

Tripura Multinational’s sales excellence expertise acts as a catalyst to transition organizations to the next level. It partners with emerging and medium sized to large conglomerates and helps them achieve revenue targets and customer delight.Tripura Multinational almost a decade old company is founded by Venkatraman Subramanyan, a Sales Enablement Strategist. Venkat collaborates with Fortune 500 organizations across the globe to transform them into being a distinct company in the eyes of their customer. Specifically, he works with sales professionals to help them acquire capabilities irrespective of the industry they operate in, which are: the ability to lead with insights, to resonate and differentiate with the customer and importantly to hone their skills to drive momentum to monetized value.

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