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The Talk’- Sex Education for Parents

Stop cringing when the child asks you “Amma, where do babies come from?”. Your wince to every apparently uncomfortable question of the children prevents you from being their first sex educator. Aftermath your grimace to the kids, they will be exposed to innumerable ways to get information. But if they do not get them from the right sources, we cannot ascertain that the knowledge they gained is scientific, evidence based & value oriented.
That trustworthy source can very well be the parent. We know our biology teachers could not do much, schools didn’t have sex education in place and parents only said ‘you’ll get to know when you’re older’. We can really try to be a better parent, one that the child can look up to for anything related to gender, love & sexuality.

When such a conversation is initiated, it would not only make the parent be the first one to understand what the child is going through in terms of his/her/their body, sexual maturity, gender identity, puberty, love & relationships, but also pave way for clear, honest communication & a deeper bond.

Comprehensive sexuality health education is the need of the hour as it can not only prevent body image issues, shaming, abuse, porn addiction, sexual health problems & teenage pregnancy but on the whole it can potentially put an end to rape culture, sexism, misogyny, & patriarchy too.

Unlike the bygone generation, it is the onus of the parent to open sex files to the children. Parents need to facilitate the children a safe environment to communicate such topics in the comfort of homes.
Luckily, Coimbatore Parenting Network(CPN) and Bond and Beyond together present to you ‘The Talk’- Sex education for parents with Swati Jagadish, psychologist and sexuality health educator. Swati is the Coimbatore’s first internationally certified sexuality health educator for parents. Swati will handhold you through this very sensitive and vulnerable phase of your parenting lives. She is at your service to guide you on what to talk, how to talk and when to talk about sex, body, love and relationships.
This session is designed for parents of children aged zero to seven. The parents are invited without children for the session. The fee per participant is Rs. 750 and Rs. 1300 per couple. The next session is about to be held on 29th of June, between 6 and 8 pm at Siema Hall, Race Course, Coimbatore. For registration, look on to or ping at 9840324029.

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