TATA and TCS Trust Administrators donate Ambulance

TATA and TCS Trust Administrators donate Ambulance and Medical equipment to Egmore Police Hospital in the presence of Chennai Police Commissioner.

At the wholehearted initiatives of the Commissioner of Police, Tr. Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal, IPS, TATA & TCS Trust magnanimously contributed medical equipments, Ambulance and other accessories worth about Rs. 1,19,00,000 /- today 17-09-2020 to City Police Hospital, Egmore.

This programme was held in the presence of Commissioner of Police & TCS Trust Administrators handed over above Medical equipments to the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Tmt. Chitra of Egmore Police hospital. TCS Office bearers Tr.Balasubramanian, DIG, RTD, Coast Guard, Tr. Suresh Raman, CEO(Operational) of TCS, Chennai and others accompanied for the event.
This magnanimous gesture was from TATA & TCS Trust.
Mahesh Aggarwal

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