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Tamil Nadu Kids Return After A Great Musical Tour in Russia and Hungary

Rajesh Viswa Sudhan, Pavithra Anup and Nishchita Bandekar – the fortunate three studying at Atomic Energy Central School, Kudankulam, have returned to India after showcasing their talents in `Nuclear Kids’ musical extravaganza in Russia and Hungary. They were among 79 kids chosen from different countries of the world to be part of the program.

`Nuclear Kids’ is the International Children’s Creativity Project and is being organized annually by The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation `ROSATOM’.

After nearly a month-long rehearsal in Hungary along with the children from Bangladesh, Belarus, China, Croatia, Egypt, Hungary, India, Kazakhstan, Turkey and the United Kingdom, the students of Kudankulam performed in the premiere show held on August 4 in the city of Szekszárd (Hungary) that was followed by guest performances in Russia including Moscow, Ekaterinburg and other cities.
Titled ‘The Lomonosov’s Scroll’, this year’s Nuclear Kids Musical was energized by famous musicians and musical directors from Russia; a movie was shot on the basis of the performance.

“It was all fun and a grand stage to us to perform before international audience. The programme gave us a chance to meet students of other countries, mingle with them, understand the culturally plural world, learn the art and moreover improve our confidence level,” said the participants from Tamil Nadu during a press meet held in Chennai to announce on their return.
“While we have not had the opportunity to tour our own country, visit to Russia and Hungary was really an exhilarating experience and helped us think better and set bigger goals for our future,” they added.

Children of Kudankulam School have participated in the programme four times in the past in the years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2017 and this was the fortunate fifth batch to participate in such a grand event of international significance that not only encouraged the creative ability of children to blossom but gave a platform to spend time in the international environment, learning how to communicate in diverse teams – basically improving communications skills and getting acquainted with different cultures and traditions. Also these children who aspire to pursue programmes in nuclear technology in Russia in future will be given preference.

“This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Nuclear Kids project. The children from India are natural at singing and dancing and unbelievably creative. They proved their talent this time too,” said Mr. Andrey Shevlyakov, CEO, Rosatom South Asia.

This year’s performance marked the tribute to Mikhail Lomonosov, a prominent Russian scientist of the 18th century who influenced the formation of the modern Russian literary language and established the first Russian university, later named after him Lomonosov Moscow State University.

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