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Still going strong on its fourth day, SRM Milan continues to astound

After an exhilarating concert the previous day, where Vishal and Shekhar amazed the audience, Milan was on a path to be more successful than all previous editions. This was further justified by the fact that this was the Decade edition of Milan and it was bound to be special.

Day 4 brought us great events like Broadway, Choreonite and Open Sky Slam.Though these were the highlights, many other events from various other domains kept the students entertained. Apart from the events, the perfect hangout spots are the multiple food and shopping stalls that have taken over the campus. Most of the hustle and bustle can be found here, with students gorging on innovative food preparations, from pizza dosas to mint ice-creams.

Moving to our first major event of the day, Broadway, we take stroll back in time as the theme for this event was ‘Vintage’. With beautifully put together performances and skilfully executed acts, the show left everyone dumbfounded. A wave of emotions flowed through the crowd as they witnessed some of the best theatre performances they will ever come across.
The next event was Choreonite which is a dance competition where group and solo performances set the stage on fire. Though the participants were the ones on stage performing, it was really hard to not groove amidst all the thumping beats and tapping feet. These well thought of performances made sure that the audience was on the edge of their seats for the entirety of the show. It was a very lively event which had everyone pumped and yearning for more. The coordination, the breath taking moves and the skill with which it was presented made for an event to be remembered.
The final main event of the evening was Open Sky Slam which explores a new form of poetry. This form of poetry culture started in the United States of America in the early 1980’s and has grown to be one of the most popular forms of modern day poetry. Only true linguists amongst us can really tap into the full potential of this bizarre art form and that’s what we look for in this competition. These young lyricists compete to outperform the competition and impress the audience with carefully formed verses with deep meanings.

Milan has grown so much over the years and we are lucky enough to be a part of and experience history in the making.

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