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SRM University – Aaruush’17 – Valedictory Function

Curtains fell, records were broken and hearts were won as the wave of Aaruush amplified with the engulfing rays of the rising sun. Aaruush is a national level techno-management fest held by SRM University, Kattankulathur that was initiated in the year 2007 when 4 final year students sat inside campus and decided to create a change that would affect a million lives in the future.

The first day of SRM’s very own magnum opus, Aaruush kicked off on the 16th of September with immense excitement, buzz and thrill and frenzy living up to its theme ‘Towards Infinity’. With the upgraded levels of 50+ events, there was no boundaries to talents filling in the whole surrounding. Impeccably organized and delectably concocting workshops and guest lectures taken by esteemed guest made sure that students would have an experience of a lifetime where they acquired knowledge unparalleled.

Young and budding talents not only from SRM but from the whole nation arrived to showcase their flair at this enormous rostrum.  These capable youths, who would one day steer the whole nation into the path of victory.

The fest would have felt incomplete if it lacked championships, and Aaruush did not fail even here. The Robo wars saw metals against metal, steel against steel behind them stood their brilliant minds, a major attraction that could not be missed.

With the next levels of all the events, more interesting sessions of guest lectures with some naturally motivating personalities like Mira Erda, 17 years old car racer, Arjun Vajpai the youngest individual to climb Mount Everest, Benild Joseph the brilliant white hacker, Harsh Songra who made it to the 30 under 30 Forbed list, SuneetTuli CEO of Datawind. Aaruush also welcomed vying championships like Robowars, Deathdrift, Canoe challenge and Quadcopter challenge. Aaruushdidn’t fail to amuse everyone with its quadcopter challenge where the quadcopter had to pass through hoops while taking extreme manoeuvres.

Keeping in mind a woman’s is an importance in society, Aaruush conducted events like Slingshot 2.0 which emphasized on woman entrepreneurs, failure to success and discussions on the start up world.

Unconference discussed about the confusion between job security and job satisfaction. Students found an interface with successful dignitaries where they could ask all their questions related to their doubts about the white collar corporate world. They were enlightened about what awaits them after the four years of college life.

The elegance of flashlights waving along with the music right under the gloomy light of the night sky looked as if stars had fallen right off the sky and landed on Aaruush’s musical night. The wonderful day had come almost to its end only to see the most amusing part of the day. The evening’s Proshows by a FluteboxerSudhir R whose head banging  tunes brought the auditorium to life, MJ5 the winners of India’s Dancing superstars, Mentalist Mangesh Desai who created a fog in the eyes of a participant and the blindfold painter, Raghavendra Chauhan whose talents supersede others. The TP Ganesan Auditorium filled with the laughs, cheers and amusement on the other days of Aaruush as well with Zakhir Khan on the comedy nites of Aaruush ’17. With witty comments and entertaining interpretations, Zakhir did not fail to leave a single soul without laughter.

The students left with an impressive basket of skills, knowledge and a complete practical understanding of various areas of hacking. Comic expo brought the child out of every superhero fan ever. The centre state left the crowd screen in amusement when the ultimate striders amazed the crowd with their hoping gear jumping, hopping and presenting flips. The portable planetarium showcased a new world to the students, the Indro expo showcased the Indian humanoid bot, the 3d printer expo which highlighted each part of the printer and its working, the vintage camera expo which posed memories in every individual.

Aaruush 17 has always been about starting high, going higher, and embarking Towards Infinity. Day 4 saw the formal conclusion of our X1 Edition. The Valedictory Ceremony, held at the Mini Hall 1 saw our esteemed patrons and our Valedictory Chief Guest Mr. RammohanThyagarajan  gracing the one final event of AARUUSH 17.Students in the hall truly felt the atmosphere of fulfilment; it brought about an aura of sentiment and gratitude.

He mentioned the intricacies of the professional industry; he is an ambitious speaker, with radical ideas, and words full of wisdom. He imparted the knowledge of the 3 C’s Competence, Communication, and Compassion. He also presented the certificates to the winners of the Canoe challenge which was a part of Aaruush Championships.

Aaruush is about the Feel of the Fest, and its impact on the each student is magnanimous. AARUUSH 17, The X1 Edition was ended with a cacophony of instruments accompanied by the mesmerising voice of Shirley Setia. The crowd was one with the stage and not a soul in the audience stood quiet. Aaruush ended on a magnanimous scale.  Aaruush did moved towards infinity.


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