Singer-Songwriter Zoe Siddharth from Chennai releases her debut single, “Human”On Monday 21st September 2020

Singer songwriter Zoe Siddharth from Chennai released her debut single, “Human” on Monday 21st September 2020. Mentored by Monica Dogra, Devraj Sanyal of Universal Music India, Ehsaan Noorani and Vishal Dadlani, Zoe Siddharth was the finalist on “The Stage 3” (India’s only nation-wide English singing talent hunt).

She believes that music connects one another and strives to be as honest, real and raw as can be to spread positivity, love and confidence through music. Her songs, speak her truth, tell stories that spread uplifting messages intended for the listeners. This world has so much negativity and hence, with her music, Zoe wants to create a safe happy space, for people to find solace in, even if it’s just for a while.

Empathy, love, kindness, emotions and feelings, these combined make us human. Sometimes in our lives, things take bad turns – these harsh times however, have the ability to take so much from us till everything goes numb, we are unable to feel anything, lose the quality of our being. These are the moments when we need those people who stay, reach their hands out into our darkness and pull us back up, to help us feel again, be human again! The video depicts just that, with subtle details that show deeper meanings. When was the last time we appreciated our friends or family for the smallest or the biggest gestures they have made? Our loved ones, friends and family – our support system – are the real heros.

“This song is to all the people who have stuck by me through it all. I appreciate you. I hope ‘Human’ takes the listener on a journey of appreciation and gratefulness for the people who love them and have their backs. They’re all anyone really needs”, said the singer.   

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