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Septuagenarian Woman Walks after successfully treated for a Complex Hip Surgery at Fortis Malar Hospital

Chennai, 2019 :  A team of doctors at Fortis Malar Hospital successfully performed a successful complex Revision Total Hip Replacement surgery on a 76-year-old patient recently. The patient – Ms. Pankajavalli – developed periprosthetic hip fracture a few weeks after undergoing a partial hip replacement surgery at another private hospital in the city. The team was led by Dr. Nandkumar Sundaram, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Fortis Malar Hospital.

The patient sustained injury to her left hip after a fall at her resident following which she underwent cemented bipolar hemiarthroplasty at the earlier hospital. Post surgery, when she started walking she had sudden pain, swelling and inability to bear weight and was admitted to Fortis Malar Hospital and was diagnosed with left hip periprosthetic fracture – fracture of the bone with previous implants of hip replacement.

 In view of the patients’ age, previous surgery and obesity, the team after counselling and discussing with his family made an informed decision to do a Total Hip Replacement (THR) surgery. Total hip joint replacement is a surgery which involves replacement of both the surfaces of the hip; the ball portion (femur) and socket (acetabulum).

Speaking on the surgery, Dr.Nandkumar Sundaram, Orthopedic Surgeon, Fortis Malar Hospital said “The surgery was particularly challenging as the previous implants were cemented. Hence care had to be taken to remove the cement without damaging the bone further. After successful removal of the implant uncemented THR was done as the bone cement will not let the bone heal. The implant we used is a specialized implant which will fix the fracture as well as the joint without any bone cement”

 “I dreaded not being able to move for the rest of my life. But post my operation at Fortis Malar Hospital, I not only recovered unbelievably fast but I also feel wonderful as I am able to do all the regular activities.” said Ms. Pankajavalli

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