SEEDS and Honeywell partner to provide more than eight lakh meals across 57 areas in Chennai

November , 2020: SEEDS, a leading humanitarian organization, has partnered with Honeywell to distribute food kits that will provide 10.7 million meals across nine cities to people who have been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. These include daily wagers, contract workers, and migrant population who have been displaced because of the lockdown.

While phase-1 of the distribution drive provided around 3.7 million meals across five cities, in phase-2, this partnership aims to provide an additional 7 million meals across nine cities: Delhi, Gurugram, Bengaluru, Pune, Madurai, Haridwar, Dehradun, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Cumulatively, this multi-city outreach will cover 1.78 lakh people.

At the beginning of the countrywide lockdown, there was a huge outpouring of support for the displaced and marginalized. These efforts have come down significantly since the country began to restart and reopen. However, there are large swathes of population – especially among migrant workers – that continue to suffer from job losses and depleted savings.

Yezdani Rahman, Chief of Program, SEEDS said, “We at SEEDS are committed to reach out to the distressed, in the face of covid-19 pandemic since the very beginning. Due to strict rules owing to a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases, the marginalized population is unable to fulfill their daily basic needs. Through the initiative of ration distribution with support from Honeywell, we aim to reach these families with assistance to help them stay put a little longer.’

Each food kit comprises rice, wheat flour, sugar, pulses, cooking oil, and salt.

The distribution drive was conducted over several days in areas such as Perambur slum, Greater Chennai Corporation, East Mugappeir and 54 others.

The noble initiative started in the month of September, SEEDS along with their social volunteers and government officials have covered meal distribution in cities such as New Delhi, Gurugram, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Haridwar and Dehradun.  Currently, the initiative has reached its last phase and with distributions in Chennai and Madurai.

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