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Rahul Rajan launches the sci-fi mythology book- “Rudrāvan-The tale of cosmic power!

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The book is completely entrenched in the mythological fantasy genre, and is very different from the ‘realistic’ takes on mythology. Here the Gods are universe-spanning in their presence, and almost every character is superhuman. But despite all that, their travails are no less compelling. The book also has a distinct sci-fi feel to it, and manages to cover a whole lot of ground with the pace never letting up. On finishing the book, you feel the voice of Rāvan still whispering in your ear, and you wonder if this is the tale that will set his tormented soul free.

Rahul’s much anticipated book Rudrāvan, talk about the story, where we come face to face with a mythology that is as different as it is familiar. It is a tale not bound by the petty fallings of mortals, but is shaped by events that shake the very fabric of reality. Good Vs Evil is an old tale, but what we find here is a clash of one Good vs another. How different does a story become when both sides have an equal and opposite justification? What if the fate of the universe itself depended on the outcome?
Mr. Rahul Rajan, the author, talks about the book on the launch, “A lot had already been written about Rāvan before I even began this book. But that hardly mattered to me, because I knew my story was unlike anything that had been told before. If our myths were real, then this book would be ‘The Da Vinci Code’ of our Mythology. The events in the Ramayana were so linear that I found myself questioning every event. Everything seemed too easy,too convenient. It was almost like a distillation of a far more complex tale.
He further added,” And if that was the case, then what would that complex tale look like? That question was the genesis of Rudrāvan. And the more I searched for those answers, the deeper I found myself in the mystery surrounding Rāvan’s death. A mystery that I had to solve, with all the clues our vast mythology could provide”.

The book is aimed at readers of the fantasy/mythology genre. The closest surrogate to this book would be Ashok Banker’s Ramayana series, in terms of amplifying the mythological tales. However, being a self contained book, and not a series, the pace is much faster. The uniqueness of the book lies in weaving together a plethora of seemingly unrelated tales in our mythology to create a new story that will compel the reader to wonder if this tale might not have been the true version after all.

Rudrāvan is a tale we think we are familiar with, but are actually not. It is a tale of cosmic powers that decide the fate of universes with their actions. And in that process, Rudravan give you a brand new tale, culled from our own legends, and present to you a Rāvan you have never known before. The book is available on the leading online portals Flipkart & Amazon right now.

About Author
Rahul Rajanis an ex-merchant navy officer, who has circumnavigated the globe and fulfilled his childhood dream of sailing through the Bermuda Triangle and the Amazon River. Hailing from an army background, he has spent a considerable part of his childhood in the outback of India, having seen his share of forests, deserts and snowy mountains. His life has been a tale of extremes, starting with dropping out of college to join the Merchant Navy. After spending 6 years sailing the high seas, a back injury knocked him back to shore. He then resumed his graduation after a hiatus of 7 years, and then later completed his MBA in Marketing from the SP Jain Institute of Management& Research, Mumbai. He joined Procter & Gamble India from Campus, and is now working with Philips India.

He believes that the corporate set up helped him hone his logic and structural thinking skills, which has in turn helped him immensely in his writing. He has an active interest in mythology, fantasy and Science Fiction, all of which are present in varying degrees in his stories. He believes that any good story has to be a healthy mix of creativity, thorough research and plot coherence.

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