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Published by Notion Press, ReshamKhetan’s ‘The London Bride’inspires women to speak up against domestic violence

ReshamKhetan has published her first book ‘The London Bride’with India’s fastest growing self-publishing company – Notion Press. The book aims to inspire, empower and show empathy to the victims and survivors of domestic violence.

This novel is a work of fiction which revolves around the protagonist character Laila’s tumultuous life. The narration of the story provides insight into an entangled relationship that is dealt with courageously by the protagonist.

Violence against women is not a new phenomenon. Worldwide,more than 1/3rd of the women suffer from domestic violence and they have to bear the burns of domestic, physical as well as emotional and mental violence against them, which affects her status in the society at the larger extent.Behind the closed doors of homes all across the world, domestic violence victims are being tortured, beaten and killed. It is crossing all social classes, genders, racial lines and age groups. The offences against women which reflects the pathetic reality that women are just not safe and secure anywhere.  It leaves a woman feeling bogged down and weak, that leads to them becoming struggling victims with no way out. They are made to walk through fire for years before proper legal separation, which is not the end. They are also left battered and without hope to move ahead in life.

Through this book, the author hopes tobring back inspiration, courage to those women who had experience the worst circumstances. The novel also touches the impact of cultural environment and lifestyle of London that influences conservatives and the journey of the protagonist Laila, who magically turns around unfavourable situations and becomes fearless.

The story will inspire women who are in abusive relationships and do not know how to get out of it. It will help them to find their inner resilience and motivate them to fight for change because everybody deserves the best.

Notion Press is delighted to have published this book, which will surely inspire the readers and create awareness about heinous crime – domestic violence. This book is available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites, so get your hands on it as soon as possible.

About the author:

ReshamKhetan was brought up in the city of art and culture – Kolkata, West Bengal in India.When she was just fourteen, she wrote poems and was often applauded for them in her school. She soon started writing every day at nights before going to bed.But one day she secretly burned all her poetry and writing, and gave it up forever. Or so she thought.Her desire to read and write was rekindled when she was working with Thomson Reuters in Bangalore as a Data Analyst, where one day she was asked to write a small article for some group activity.

Resham looks forward to seeing new places, traveling, meeting and understanding people coming from different backgrounds. She speaks French apart from English and Hindi. She has traveled to different parts of India as well as the UK. It was during her work tenure at British Telecom in London, where the idea of writing came into her mind. Seeing the situation of women around her, influenced her to resuming writing. This eventually gave birth to her first novel – ‘THE LONDON BRIDE.’

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