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PALAM SILKS to Launch NAVA – A Premium Luxury Bridal Wear Collection

Palam innovates with both design and fabric continually, making Kanchivarams both more interesting and more comfortable to wear. The first lightweight Kanchivaram range, softer silks that were easier to drape and handle, wrinkle-free silk, corporate silks that women could wear to work, slim fit silks and even a saree with a pouch. Palam’s efforts to change the way the world sees silk has won it the loyalty of patrons and recognition from experts like Vogue. Palam is thrilled and excited to be invited to take part in the Vogue Wedding Show 2017.

Palam Silksproudly presentsNAVA, a premium luxury bridal wear premiering in Vogue Wedding Show 2017 in Delhi.

NAVA – The Perfect Match for the Modern Bride

For as long as anyone can remember, the gorgeous, splendid Kanchivaram silk saree has been what the bride wears (‘what, how can you even think of anything else?’). And the brides of the new generation will still wear Kanchivaram sarees, and they will still be gorgeous and splendid. More than that, they will be exuberantly stylish, lightweight, wrinkle-free and brilliantly colored. Nava is the Kanchivaram bridal saree for the new millennium.

Palam presents a completely refreshed colour palette with Nava, ranging from burnt orange and twilight blues to the quieter pastel evening colors, leaving out conventional shades like maroon (arakku), pista greens and mango yellows. Most of the dyes used in the collection are specially created for Nava and to go with the new palette are the novel abstract art and geometric patterns of the sarees, to make for a beautiful and unexpected transformation of bridal wear.

Nava is the brand new bridal wear collection that is a tribute to the spirit of the modern woman. And it is Palam Silks’ way of wishing her a beautiful, blissful married life

The Bride to be in A Bright New World

Life is changing faster than ever. And the young woman of today is helping to hurry along the change, making the world a gentler, more graceful and more beautiful place. She is more independent, more accomplished and more adventurous than ever before. While she loves her heritage, her tastes and sensibilities are shaped by her own discoveries as she explores her world.

“The young bride of our times is eager to give our rich tradition a unique touch of her own,” says Jeyasree Ravi, founder of Palam Silks. “The bride is very particular on her favorite styles, or the wedding themed colors. Weddings are becoming the epitome of a couple’s creativity, and their outfits are a very important part of what makes their special day memorable and unique”. It is for this modern, bold and spirited girl that Palam Silks has created Nava.

Revolution in Bridal Kanchivaram Silks

Not too long ago, the unmatched beauty of Kanchivaram silk sarees was reserved for very special occasions like weddings. And the younger generation had decided that splendid though they were, they were too ornate and too heavy for any other day. Which was why Palam Silks strove to refresh and reinvigorate the tradition. Palam helped transform Kanchivarams from ‘traditional costume’ into contemporary high fashion.

“Today I’m proud to say Palam played a role in making the Kanchivarams trendy and desirable for the young. Now we even have the bride walking in sometimes all by herself and choosing her trousseau sarees”, Says Jeyasree Ravi, the founder of Palam Silks

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