Tuesday , August 11 2020

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Harappa Education Presents Harappa Learning Fellows

Chennai, August 10, 2020: Harappa Education, India’s pioneering online learning institution, has introduced a unique, invitation-only scholarship, the Harappa Learning Fellows. Through this scholarship program, Harappa Education aims to offer the most exciting online courses and other opportunities at a discounted rate to high-potential professionals and leaders.  The first edition of the …

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3 Little babies undergosuccessful liver transplant in 3 consecutive days during Pandemic

COVID pandemic has put a halt on every aspect of our daily lives but not medical emergencies. When parents of these three less than 1-year old babies, weighed between 3.5 to 5.5 kgs from Nellore, Bangalore and Delhi, were told that only liver transplantation could save their children amidst pandemic, …

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SEHAT distributes “Shastric Unani Medicine – Ayush Joshanda immunity boosting powder” to general public in Chennai

Chennai, August 2020:  Sehat Skin and Hair Clinic was founded in 1997 in with specific focus to treat Hair, Scalp and Skin problems. Its main goal is providing holistic health service by helping people with these problems in a natural way, by utilizing all the ancient herbal remedies along with modern scientific methods of treatment. …

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