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Notion Press publishes one-of-a-kind poetry book ‘Itineris -The Journey through mirages’ written by Dr. Jyoti Kapoor

Notion Press, India’s fastest growing publishing has published Dr. Jyoti Kapoor’s poetry book ‘Itineris’ which describes love in an interesting way.
Love is a social concept as against desire which is a biological instinct one is born with. From a very psychophysiological experience of infatuation to another biological reaction of withdrawal, love oscillates between its literary renditions of poetic fairy tales to agonizing heart break. The book ‘Itineris-The Journey through mirages’ is a string of verses beginning at the altar of nascent fantasies, seeping through the depths of heady romance, burning in the golden fire of sexual desire, vaporizing into a ghost of fears, dilemmas and insecurities and finally condensing into a humble snowflake settling at the foothills of lost love. And the afterthought is a nostalgic reflection of expectations and dissatisfactions that become the motivating force behind a powerful emotion that defines all relationships. Whether the loss of romance is the eventual reality of the mirage of love or the dissolution of amorous desires an inevitable evolutionary phenomenon, is the inspiration for another quest.
The author is a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist hence on regular basis she encounters with many conflicting ideas and emotions. These incidents have impacted her and encouraged her to write down this literary work.
Published by Notion Press, the book ‘Itineris’ is currently available on Notion Press bookstore, Amazon and other ecommerce sites.

About the Author :
Born on July 9, 1977, in the sanctity of a middle class household of a working couple in the city of Gurgaon, Dr Jyoti Kapoor is the eldest of three sisters. Always interested in arts, literature, music, dance and theatre, she started writing poems and short stories as early as 7th year of her life.
As she went through the rigors of medical studies at Sardar Patel Medical College, Bikaner and then post-graduation in psychiatry at PGIMS, Rohtak, the language of communication largely transformed from Hindi to English and the expression also matured from rhyming verse on themes of nature and patriotism to exploration of philosophy, individuality and relationships. Being a practicing psychiatrist and psychotherapist, her rendezvous with conflicting ideas and emotions occurs on a regular basis and her ability to empathize with her clients has helped her to continually channelize their pain and strife in her literature.
She is currently practising in Gurgaon and compiling her literary attempts in Hindi and English for larger readership.

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