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Newly Launched KlinikalsProvides Home Service for Medicines &Diagnostic Tests

Chennai. Wednesday,  December, 2017. Klinikals, a hyper local healthcare marketplace that provides essential healthcare services like medicines and diagnostic tests from trusted partners, on a single online platform, showcased its application in Chennai today. With a mission to help customers with ‘Get Better Care’ by providing ease of access, with trusted quality of healthcare services and products.Klinikals guarantees an under four-hour service within the city. Founded in late 2016, Klinikals, the company behind the app is founded by a team of four professionals-turned-entrepreneurs, with a combined experience of over 100 years in different, complementary fields.

Raj Kunnath, Founder and CEO, Klinikals said, “For us “get better care” means optionality, convenience, reliable and cost-effectiveto all concerned, and that has been the fundamental objective behind developing the Klinikalsservice. We want to make important and frequently used healthcare services conveniently available in the comforts of ones’ home.  With a click of a button on our app, one can receive any prescribed and verified medicine, within four hours anywhere in Chennai.We also take care of the first and last mile for lab services. Quality is everything for diagnostic tests and therefore trained and qualified phlebotomists come to your home to draw samples and safely transport them to the lab of your choice. The test results will also be conveniently available over the app.”

Kenneth Massey, Co-Founder and CMO of Klinikals added, “We have a network of trusted pharmacy partners for the customer to choose from based on price, location and availability. In case of blood tests, we transport the sample in a controlled environment to ensure that the samples are not compromised. We offer choice of access methods for healthcare consumers to reach us via the Klinikals App, Toll free number, Whatsapp and email. Now that we have launched in Chennai, Klinikals will start covering other Southern cities, before going national.”

“Klinikals is a healthcare marketplace that enables traditional healthcare services and product models to compete with the newer disruptive models. Large number of customers are already using the app and are thrilled with it. Klinikals provides complete freedom from the chore of going out for medicines or to do your regular blood tests. The service is proving to be a boon for the elderly who become self-sufficient for their needs. Patients with chronic diseases or busy worklife, who need regular tests done will also be relieved not having to undertake tedious travel or take time out from work, for basic tests and medicines”, Raj Kunnath explained.

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