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Net Inflows into Equity schemes continue at a faster pace in June 2019: AMFI

Mumbai / Chennai, July 08, 2019: Net Inflows for the open-ended Growth and Equity-oriented schemes have been consistently rising for the last three months since April 2019, from INR 4,608.74 crores at the start of the fiscal to INR 7,663.14 crores for June 2019, largely driven by Multi-Cap and Large Cap Fund categories.

The Net Inflows in the equity-oriented schemes have grown three times faster in the last one month at INR 2,256.37 crores from May 2019 to June 2019, compared to the rise in the earlier month at INR 797 crores from April 2019 to May 2019.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr N S Venkatesh, Chief Executive, AMFI said: “Stellar jump in the inflows into equity schemes over the last two months, especially after the decisive electoral verdict has helped repose retail investor trust. Political Stability, lower inflation coupled with RBI stance to lower interest rates leading to possible robust growth in the corporate earnings is leading enhanced retail flows towards equity oriented schemes. On the Fixed Income side, although there has been outflows from liquid schemes, the flows into Gilt schemes and Long duration schemes have stood positive, owing to RBI’s dovish stance on interest rates.”

On the liquid fund outflows Mr. Venkatesh said, “This is a usual quarter-end phenomena where the industry does witness temporary redemptions from liquid funds.”

Arbitrage schemes continue to witness positive net inflows, albeit lower as compared to May 2019, which has stood in favour of overall net inflows for Hybrid schemes at INR 862.61 crores.

Net Outflows from Income and Debt oriented schemes to the tune of INR 1,71,349.32 crores during June 2019 has led to overall decline in the June month-end AUM at INR 24,25,040.37 crores from INR 25,93,559.63 crores as on May 31, 2019. The overall AAUM for June 2019, however, stood higher at INR 25,81,397.21 crores, as compared to INR 25,43,248.91 crores for May 2019 and INR 25,27,632.75 crores for April 2019.

The trend in SIP contribution for June 2019 continues to be robust at INR 8,122.13 crores coming from 2.73 crore SIP accounts.

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