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Nestlé MUNCH releases new TVC to celebrate partnership with Baahubali 2

Coimbatore: The new TVC features the trailer of this year’s most anticipated movie, with the energetic and peppy song –‘Crunch Macha MUNCH Macha’, playing in the background. The film ends with Baahubali’s lead actor, Prabhas, narrating the brand tagline – Crunch Macha MUNCH Macha before urging viewers to enjoy Nestlé MUNCH in special Baahubali packs.
Munch Trio-Cold Seal_Bahubali
Our distributors kept the partnership momentum high by adopting the Baahubali 2 merchandise and enacting a short Baahubali act as they announced the limited edition Nestlé MUNCH packs in a traditional call out style while launching the packs for retailers. Also, the Nestlé MUNCH NUTS limited edition packs will help fans savour the magic of Baahubali 2 through free phone stickers designed exclusively to celebrate this partnership.

Speaking on the idea behind the association, Mr. Nikhil Chand, General Manager, Chocolates and Confectionery, Nestlé India, says “India is a growing chocolate and confectionery market, and there is a need for excitement and innovation in this category. With MUNCH celebrating Baahubali 2, our consumers will for the first time experience foot thumping music of Crunch Macha MUNCH Macha along with the grandeur of Baahubali 2. The already popular innovation, Nestlé MUNCH Nuts has once again brought new-to-category experience of phone stickers free with Baahubali packs for fans to celebrate”

The partnership between Nestlé MUNCH and Baahubali 2has also been activated through the launch of five new Nestlé MUNCH limited edition packs.

On ground activation video:

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