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“MENSA Demystified To Focus on Tribal Children”

Mensa is the world’s oldest and largest High IQ Society. Headquartered in United Kingdom. There are 150,000 Mensans in 150 countries throughout the world which makes it the only one of its kind in the whole world.

Mensa India which means “table” in Latin is a non- profit, non governmental and charitable voluntary organization established in 1976. Mensa has seven chapters which include Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Nasik, Pune, Kolkata and Bangalore.

Mensa members are from all walks of life and educational levels; they include janitors doctors, scientists, artists, actors, carpenters, chemists, politicians, farmers, computer programmers, authors, police officers, hermits unemployed, educators, millionaires, firefighters, bankers and bus drivers. firemen, musicians, the long-term

Mr. Gowri Shankar who has taken over as the President of Mensa India in his interaction with the media said that one of the first tasks would be to create better understanding and awareness about Mensa and its activities in India. The youth in particular professionals

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