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Kabab Royalty Huma Qureshi reveals her fondness for Delhi Food

New Delhi / Chennai, October-Talented Bollywood actress Huma Qureshigraced the sets of TLC’s entertaining show midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua and revealed interesting stories about her food habits; family and why she is known as Kabab Royalty. Catch the Halloween special episode on 22nd October at 20:00 hrs only on TLC.

Huma Qureshi, whose family has been in hospitality business since long, talks about her fondness for food, and how much she misses Delhi food especially Kababs.  “I love kababs therefore my friends affectionately call me Kabab Royalty. I love Mumbai but when it comes to food it is a little sad, the tikkas are not as great as what we get at home. They need a little makeover (Laughs).”  When asked from where she gets her Kabab in Mumbai, Huma, said, “I have a vendor in town who sells best meat ever. So sometimes we get it from him or otherwise whenever we fly down to Delhi either me or my brother get it from home.”

On her equation with bother Saqib, Huma, said, “Me and my brother are really close to each other. We can talk about our relationships, life et al. He is amazing but when it comes to household work, he is a pig.  We live together but he does not cook and always leaves the room in a mess. I am like his housekeeper or governess at home. I also enjoy it because I have someone to look after.”

Mallika Dua said, “Loved shooting with Huma. She has so much spunk, warmth and a hundred percent game to play along with the Halloween theme. It was super fun to shoot with her.”

In each episode of Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua, Shalishka (Mallika) and one of her close friends will began their adventure armed with whatever they muster from the fridge. She’s a kind of ‘food heiress’ as her culinary arts has been running in her family for generations. Shalishka will develop new recipes; mixing never before mixed ingredients followed by cooking; gossip, healthy conversations and a good face stuffing session over comfort food.

Watch Halloween special episode with Huma Qureshi as a guest on Midnight Misadventures with Mallika Dua on 22nd October at 8 PM only on TLC and its official YouTube page RISE BY TLC


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