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Igniting the ‘Can do’ Spirit Ullas Celebrates the Young Achievers and Gives Them Wings to Fuel their Aspirations

Chennai (India), September , 2019: The annual “Can Do” workshop by Ullas Trust celebrated Young Achievers and instilled in them boundless enthusiasm and curiosity to achieve their dreams. The workshop recognised 1,176 Young Incoming Achievers from a pool of over 5000+ students from 224 Corporation / Government and Government-Aided Schools. The workshop provided opportunity for students to meet stalwarts who helped them to aspire and reach for more in their life and achieve their dreams.  These Young Achievers began their ‘Ullas’ journey – one of learning and self-discovery and attended the  workshop conducted by Arun Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Intellect Design Arena Limited.

The workshop also recognised bright Young Achievers and their seniors -this year’s Higher Education Scholars; and Principals / Head of Institutions (EEE – Encouraging Excellence in Education) for their tireless efforts to raise the bar for their students, teachers and schools. The Guests of honour for this significant initiative were: Shri. Santosh K Misra, IAS, CEO, Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency & Commissioner of e-Governance and Dr. S.R. Chakravarthy, Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, IIT Madras& Co-ordinator, National Center for Combustion R&D. The renowned personalities in their respective field mentored and interacted with the children and aspired them to do more and be more. The journey of Ullas ‘Young Achiever’ begins through an initial selection process – Ullas Entrance Examination. These selected students then attend the ‘Diary of Dreams’ workshop which marks the start of the Young Achievers’ four-year journey with Ullas. The workshop publicly recognizes their achievement/enrolment into Ullas, facilitates interaction with inspiring role models from public life, nurtures the ‘CAN DO’ spirit in them and encourages them to put down their dreams on paper, helping them commit the dream to their subconscious.

The guests of honours inspired young achievers by sharing anecdotal experiences from their personal as well as professional life including overcoming challenging situations and always persevere. This shared conversation in turn inspired Young Achievers to begin their life journey inspired by curiosity and shared belief of “Yes I Can”.

Arun Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, Intellect Design Arena Ltd said, “It is a humbling experience to watch the dedicated and humungous efforts of our employees in reaching out to 2.6+ lakh young students in a single year. This is indeed a milestone in the history of Ullas Trust. Ullas is our initiative that empowers not only students from unprivileged socio-economic background but the entire academic ecosystem to support aspirations and give them the “Can Do” spirit.  The best way of giving back to the community that we live and work is to develop Young Minds who are the future of not only our community but our nation as a whole and it is our responsibility to ignite their minds to achieve the impossible.”

To shape these young, fertile minds, Ullas and Intellect employees conduct two integrated and holistic programs- the weekend SUMMIT program that ignites the best among young minds and ‘Touch The Soil’ program that enables employees to ‘re-connect with their roots’. The inimitable weekend program called SUMMIT, comprises of 20 interventions over 4 years covering 21st century life skills – specially crafted lesson plans that encompass planning, communication skills, confidence-building, memory skills, active team work, public speaking, and leadership skills.

To transform young minds in the rural milieu, Ullas conducts its other program, ‘Touch The Soil’. This unique program, through its ‘Diary of Dreams’ and ‘Planning’ workshop for Class IX & XI and X & XII students respectively, aims to spread the ‘Power of Dreams’ to high school students across villages in every district of the country.

The workshop moved into high energy when Arun Jain took the stage to ignite young minds and walked the students through various role models and how the journey begins with a dream for all of them! The workshop hit a crescendo when Mr. Jain arrived at the success formula along with the children (DCP2 – ingredients being Dream, Conviction, Planning and Perseverance)!

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