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Health benefits of Sitting on the Floor

Since time immemorial, Indians have practiced sitting on the floor and conducting various activities.Yet, in recent times, we have been advised not to sit on the floor. This is due to the presence and fear of dirt and germs. But this isn’t the only problem- Mrudula Sanghavi, a home-maker enjoyed sitting on the floor to carry out her regular chores such as cutting vegetables or folding clothes. However, from a couple of years, she hasn’t sat down on the floor as she was always scared about the chemicals that have been left behind by the floor cleaner she used. “I really wanted to sit on the floor as I know it’s good for my back. So, I did some research and switched to ITC’s Nimyle, a 100% natural and neem based floor cleaner. Post the same, I sit comfortably and have also seen that my posture has become better”, says Mrudula

This trend has also been noticed in office going professionals as they sit on their chairs for long stretches of time, causing back problems and bad posture.This sedentary routine has made certain lifestyle changes necessary- Indians are going back to the floor and practicing yoga. This has helped them to correct their posture and increase flexibility as well. Apart from better posture, sitting on the floor has other benefits as well:

  1. Helps in losing weight

Sitting down and getting up without any support, improves the core strength. It gradually leads to weight loss, if done repeatedly

  • Aids digestion

By sitting on the floor and eating meals in the Sukhasana pose, (which is a cross legged position)it induces better digestion. When seated in this position, the brain begins to prepare for digestion. Using a natural and BKC free floor cleaner will keep you floors safe and clean, thus ensuring a healthy meal

  • Increases blood circulation

One of the greatest health benefits of sitting on the floor with a cross-legged position, is the reduction of stress. By practicing to sit in sukhasana, the blood is known to flow evenly through the body and lowers the pressure on the heart

  • Relaxes the mind and the body

Padmasana ( and Sukhasana are the most suitable positions for meditation. They are believed to relieve stress from the mind. Practicing breathing exercises in these positions help in straightening the spine and relaxing the shoulder muscles

Sitting on the ground not just aids physical fitness, but studies prove that they improve psychological and emotional health too. Inculcate the habit of sitting on the floor and you will notice a vast difference in your overall fitness.

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