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Chennai, November, 2018: Gleneagles Global Health City, the largest facility of Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai enterprise, today launched the State of the art Comprehensive Stroke Center with advanced infrastructure and 24×7 Multidisciplinary team. The center will reduce the Door to Needle time, ie DNT by 30 minutes less, which saves brain disability and death of a patient affected by stroke. The Comprehensive stroke center isequipped with Multidisciplinary Stroke Expert team headed by Dr.S.Dinesh Nayak, HOD & Director Neurology and Epileptology, Gleneagles Global health city and his team of experts. The centre was inaugurated by Dr S Dinesh Nayak in the presence of Dr V Sathish Kumar, Senior Consultant – Neurophysician and stroke Neurologist; Dr N Praveen Chander, Consultant Neurology ( Stroke Neurology); Neurophysician and stroke prevention clinic; Dr Satheesh Grahadhurai, Senior Consultant Interventional Neuro Radiology.

Speaking at the Inauguration Dr.S.Dinesh Nayak, HOD & Director Neurology and Epileptology, Gleneagles Global health city said“Stroke otherwise called as “Brain attack” is one among the leading causes of serious long term disability. In India stroke is one of the top 5 causes of death. Females are affected more when compared to males. Stroke in young are more on the increasing trend like heart attacks now. Approximately 2 million brain cells die every minute after the onset of stroke. Hence early admission to nearby stroke care centres helps in reversing and reducing the stroke symptoms and disability in majority of cases added Dr Nayak.

While a majority of patients suffering from stroke reach the stroke centre late, leaving a little opportunity for treatment, the new state of art comprehensive stroke centre with advanced infrastructure and expertise will offer thrombolysis with tissue plasminogen activator and interventions up to 24 hours in selected patients, said Dr V Sathish Kumar, Senior Consultant – Neurophysician and stroke Neurologist at Gleneagles global health city.

Unlike heart attack which presents with chest pain, Stroke or Brain attack can be missed in early few hours and hence there is need for awareness of stroke symptoms. FAST is a mnemonic  which means F: Facial drooping or asymmetry, A: Arm or Leg weakness or numbness, S: Speech disturbances or loss of speech, and T for TIME IS BRAIN which means early admission to nearby stroke centre is of utmost importance, says Dr N Praveen Chander, Stroke Neurophysician, Gleneagles global health city.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Satheesh Grahadhurai, Senior Interventional Stroke Specialist, Gleneagles  Global Health City  said “ Newer advancements in Brain Imaging help diagnose the clear picture of the already dead (non salvageable) brain and the ischemic penumbra (brain , which is salvageable upto 24hours). Latest Successful trials on Endovascular treatment (Mechanical Thrombectomy) and breakthrough in technologies help us to navigate small catheters, wires & stents and remove these clots in the blocked brain arteries, through minimally invasive pinhole puncture from the arteries of the leg/ hand under fluoroscopic X ray guidance.

Gleneagles Global comprehensive stroke centre will be providing below mentioned services for 24×7 :

  1. Specialised personal (eg: Vascular Neurologist, vascular Neurosurgeon, Interventional Stroke Specialist, Critical Care specialists,  Stroke  Rehabilitation Medicine , Stroke staff nurses.
  2. Diagnostic tool (eg: CT Scan , CT Angiogram , MRI Brain with Diffusion perfusion scans, cath lab , Transesophageal echocardiogram ,   Trancranial doppler, long term Holter monitoring.
  3. Availability of Surgical , interventional & preventive therapies ( Carotid Endarterectomy, Carotid stenting, Mechanical Thrombectomy, decompressive craniotomy and brain haematoma evacuation )
  4. Infrastructure (Stroke unit , Stroke ICU, Operating Suite & Interventional Cath lab services operating 24 X 7.
  5. Educational and research programmes ( Community neighbourhood awareness and patient education programme )

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