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Chennai, February 2020: GEM Hospital Chennai conducted an awareness program observing World Cancer Day. An initiative titled “Celebrating Life”, intended to honour the victors who successfully won their battle against cancer, was held. Rtn G. Chandramohan, District Governor, Rotary International is the Chief Guest and Dr. Fazil Marickar, Dean, Mount Zion Medical College, Adoor, Kerala was the Guest of Honour for the Occasion.

Around 50 patients gathered and shared their successful journey battling cancer and the quality of life they are currently going through. As a part of the programme, GEM Hospital Chennai honoured all the cancer survivors with a Privilege Card which entitles free consultation and concession on investigations throughout their life journey.

Chief Guest of the occasion, Rtn.G.Chandramohan, District Governor, Rotary International mentioned that, “I congratulate GEM Hospital for saving so many lives by not only providing best treatments for the Cancer patients but also for the quality of life instilled in each and every patient after recovery. In the current scenario Cancer is seen as a deadly disease and there are patients who are scared to undergo the treatment because of the pain and side effects they face during the process. But, these kind of programmes where a patient shares his/her testimonials will really bring more courage and create awareness among the public to face such situations bravely”.

Dr. Fazil Marickar, a reputed surgeon and Dean of Mount Zion medical college, Kerala said that, “I am standing here as guest on this occasion was also a cancer patient a year ago. I was diagnosed with Stage Four Advanced Colon Cancer with secondaries in liver, lungs & abdominal cavity. Later I went through a successful laparoscopic surgery on 28th June 2019 at GEM Hospital Chennai and now leading a healthy life. I am pleased to share my own battle against Cancer and I hope that this will help to create awareness among the people that Cancer is no more a deadly disease. We can overcome it if we approach right doctors at the right time”.

Addressing the media Dr. C. Palanivelu, Founder, GEM Hospitals mentioned that, “We are glad to honour all the cancer victors who successfully underwent surgery for various gastrointestinal and uro-gynaecological malignancies treatment at our Chennai hospital in the preceding one year, since the commencement of clinical services. Minimally invasive treatment for gastrointestinal cancer, in comparison to conventional open surgery, offers added advantages in terms of improved radicality & lymph node yield, lesser blood loss and need for transfusion (owing to magnification), smaller scars, lesser pain, quicker return of bowel function, faster discharge and earlier initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy. Apart from the cancer treatments we also provide psychological support for each and every patient to give them enough support and courage to go through the treatment process”.

Speaking about the availability of advanced cancer treatments at present, Dr. S. Asokan, CEO, GEM Hospital Chennai said, “Lives of cancer patients are much better now with new modalities of diagnostic and treatment like laparoscopy, robotic surgeries and endoscopic procedures. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy also are witnessing enormous innovations and improvements. It is not the same case two decades ago when Cancer is considered as a more deadlier disease than it is perceived today. So, the advanced techniques in diagnosis and treatment really augurs well for the patients by restoring or improving quality to life and increasing the longevity!”

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