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FATAK PATAK Set to capture the imagination of Indian Kids on Hungama!

Mumbai, September 2017: In line with successful Global kids franchises like Pokemon, which uses toys as integral part of the story telling ; India now has its very own franchise Fatak Patak!

Nihodo Media, an Indo-Japanese IP company today announced the launch of its new animated TV Feature series called ‘Fatak Patak’ to be enjoyed this festive season on Hungama. The franchise has been developed to provide children with a complete experience of the animated characters on television along with the opportunity to own and play with the toys in real time thereby making it one of the first kids franchise to use toys and gameplay as an integral part to content in India.

Dream Theatre that manages iconic brands that leverages toys with animated content like Pokemon and Beyblade is managing the licensing and merchandising for this franchise and toys are distributed by their subsidiary company – Play Planet

‘Fatak Patak’ is a four-part animated TV Feature series about mysterious Alienoids with incredible powers from outer space competing in the Alienoid Wrestling League. The main protagonists, Sher Singh and his Alienoid Gabru will be seen in pursuit of the championship and their adventures along the way in the Fatak Patak World. It is set in India with indigenous story lines and localized content that the target audience can relate to. The Alienoids appearing on the show will also be available as collectibles with pro-wrestling inspired features and elements of strategy for the kids to engage in gameplay. This is a unique undertaking as it is the first time the toyline and gameplay have been produced at the same time. The toyline will be released simultaneously along with the TV Feature series.

Suhas Sundar, CEO, Nihodo Media said while commenting about the launch, “A key desire and motivation behind this movie and toyline has been to provide Indian Kids with their own indigenous IP. Though there have been a slew of great content and innovation in Kid’s entertainment in the past few years, with the exception of a handful, most of the toys that dominate retail shelves are based on Foreign IPs and toylines. In this regard, Indian kids have been grossly overlooked and targeted toylines for Indian children are almost an afterthought. We wanted to change this status quo and give Indian kids their own world, their own toyline that can be fueled further by their imagination. This toyline has been developed keeping the Indian kid in mind and hopefully we would be able to capture their imagination with both the Fatak Patak show as well as the toys”.

“We are thrilled to premiere the Fatak Patak TV Feature series on Hungama. It is very exciting that the series will be launched simultaneously with the toys as it will give kids the opportunity to have a complete experience of the characters and the storyline. We hope the kids enjoy both the TV Feature series as well as the toys being launched,” said Abhishek Maheshwari, VP & Head, Media Networks & Interactive, Disney India.

Jiggy George, Founder & CEO of Dream Theatre is ecstatic! “Fatak Patak could very well go on to become India’s answer to iconic brands like Beyblade or Pokemon! With high quality content to engage fans on TV and character led toys to engage them off-air, this property could set the trend for kids entertainment in our country!”

Hungama will air this animated TV Feature series exclusively as a part of the ‘Fatak Patak Movie Festival’ every Sunday from 17th September to 8th October at 10 AM.

About Nihodo Media:
Nihodo Media is an Indo Japanese IP company that looks to leverage the strengths of the creative talent from both geographies to craft the next generation of entertainment franchises that can travel the globe. Their business interests encompass comics, animation, toys and live action.

About Dream Theatre:
Dream Theatre is the premier brand management and licensing company in South Asia that creates, builds, represents and distributes iconic brands in the Entertainment, Sports and Lifestyle space. Dream Theatre represents; Angry Birds, Pokémon, Hello Kitty, Twentieth Century Fox, Real Madrid, FIFA 2018 amongst other brands for Licensing and Merchandising in India and South Asia. Dream Theatre owns brands Beebop. For further information, check out

About Hungama:
Hungama TV, India’s first 24-hour kids channel, brings entertainment which is typical of childhood and follows the core philosophy of creating an experience that energizes kids with laughter. With a tagline ‘Hungama Machaya Kya?’, the channel brings alive emotions that every kid experiences in his/her life centered around unbridled fun and an unapologetic spirit of mischief. The channel’s broad range of compelling content includes local animated shows, Japanese anime and movie premieres that appeal to all sub segments.

About Play Planet:
Play Planet is a company focussed on distributing branded merchandise for kids across toys and gifts and novelties. Play Planet products are distributed across 30 distributors and 700 retailers pan India. Some of the brands distributed by Play Planet are Pokemon, Infinity Nado, Marvel, DC and Real Madrid.
Play Planet is part of the Dream Theatre Group of companies.

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