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DGP Gave reward to Coimbatore & Nammakkal District Police personnel

On  09.12.2017 midnight three ATMs were burgled at Avinashi Road in Coimbatore City and cash Rs.30,05,200/- was stolen.  Seven special teams were formed by the Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City to detect these cases.  After sustained enquiries with the ATM employees and at the Toll plazas across the State, it came to light that one Maruti Swift Car and a Hyundai Accent Car with Haryana State registration numbers were involved in the offence.  Further enquiry also revealed about the involvement of a Eicher Lorry in the offence.

During the investigation it came to light that these cars had traversed through the Toll Plaza at Tirumangalam in Madurai District on 10.12.2017 and 12.12.2017.  Further enquiries at the Toll plazas affirmed that these vehicles were moving on NH 7 towards Salem on 14.12.2017.  Based on this information, all the police stations and Highway Patrols along NH7 and other State Highways intensified vehicle checks at the check posts and Toll Plazas in their jurisdiction.

The Hyundai Accent Car was intercepted at Keerambur Toll plaza in Namakkal District and two suspects involved in the offences were secured.  The Swift Car occupants sped through the Toll Plaza and escaped.  They were hotly pursued by the Namakkal District Police personnel and the three occupants of the car abandoned the car and escaped into the Sorghum fields, nearby.  The police teams made a well coordinated search in the Sorghum fields with the help of people of Bommai Kuttaimedu using Helicam and sniffer Dog Poigai.  They secured the three occupants of the car who were involved in the ATM Burglaries at Coimbatore City.      The Eicher Lorry was intercepted at Seelanaickenpatti at Salem District with three more suspects were secured.

Further interrogation of these 8 suspects led to the recovery of Rs.3,03,370/- and a revolver.  On rummaging the Eicher Lorry, the welding accessories and gas cylinders used by the accused were seized.  It came to light that these accused were also involved in ATM Burglary cases in Madurai, Tiruppur and Vellore Districts.  They are also involved in 11 such offences in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka States.

Among the accused, Mousam Khan, Jubar, Mubarak belong to the State of Rajasthan, Amithkumar, Zubair and Aamin belong to the State of Haryana, Zulfiqar from Delhi and Mustaq from Uttar Pradesh.  All the 8 accused have been remanded to judicial custody on 15.12.2017.


Today (18.12.2017), Tr. T.K. Rajendran, IPS, Director General of Police and Tr. Vijayakumar, IPS, ADGP (L&O) gave cash reward to the officers and other ranks of Coimbatore City, Salem City and Namakkal District and presented Commendation Certificate to Tr. K. Periaiah, Commissioner of Police, Coimbatore City, Tr. T. Perumal, Dy. Commissioner of Police (Crime), Coimbatore City, Tr. A. Arularasu,  Supdt. Of Police,  Namakkal District, Tr. S. Senthil, ADSP, Nammakal and 3 Asst. Commissioner of Police of Coimbatore City.  The DGP also gave cash reward to Private Security Guard Tr. Akbar Ali of Toll Plaza, Keerambur, Namakkal. The Namakkal District Sniffer Dog Poigai was also appreciated at the time of commendation by the Director General of Police.


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