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Cybolimb – A revolutionary made-in-India product to offer new lease of life to persons with problematic limbs

Cybolimb – a revolutionary made-in-India product which can power the legs of the spinal cord affected individuals and those with neuro muscular disorders was launched today (8th July) in the city. The Wearable robotic non-invasive leg support system was developed under the leadership of Mr. STM Veerabahu of Cybernoid Healthcare Private Limited, a Chennai-based start-up company dealing with research, design and commercialization of healthcare related products.

Now people with problematic leg conditions can sit, get up from chair and move independently with a never-before-experienced easiness. The Six-point strap feature of the product enables the user to strap on individually. Powered by rechargeable battery, Cybolimb supports the rate of walking with one step per second. The fully charged battery can be put to a continuous usage of 1 hour or can withstand a 2 km distance. In idle conditions where there is no need for excessive movements, the battery power lasts up to 15 days. The semi modular design helps in easy dismantling and transportation of the device.

The product has been clinically tested in accordance with the protocols of The Clinical Trials Registry – India. Not only it encourages mobility with power assistance to knee and hip joints but in fact increases blood circulation of the entire body, decreases the level of spasm, improves bowel movement and altogether improves quality of life.

“Cybolimb was made absolutely in line with Government’s make-in-India initiative and was supported with a seed funding of Rs 5.5 lakhs from Tepp programme through Technology Business Incubator, University of Madras. This is the fruition of our 6-year-long efforts,” said Mr. STM Veerabahu.

“We believe, we did our bit towards an inclusive society helping people with rehabilitation and mobility issues further move ahead in life with confidence,” he added.

Individuals with mobility problems, Rehabilitation Hospitals, Physiotherapy Colleges, and Research Institutes will find the product useful.

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