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CyberArk Joins the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Chennai, July 17, 2019 – CyberArk (NASDAQ:CYBR), the global leader in privileged access security,  fortified its long-standing relationship with Microsoft by joining the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association to help customers secure infrastructure against privilege-related attacks. This marks the latest milestone in CyberArk’s strategic engagement with Microsoft.

As the first privileged access security vendor in the Association, CyberArk will collaborate with Microsoft to deliver joint customers greater flexibility and efficiency for securing privileged credentials in the cloud and reducing privilege-related risk. These integrations enableCyberArk customers to easily deploy theCyberArk Privileged Access Security Solutionwith Azure and consistently enforce security and compliance across hybrid environments.

“As organizations increase investments in modern infrastructure and applications, CyberArk is taking the initiative to drive powerful partnerships and integrations that have a tangible impact on improving security and reducing risk in these environments,” said Adam Bosnian, executive vice president, global business development, CyberArk. “We are proud of our collaboration with Microsoft, and will continue to identify new opportunities for our joint customers so they can confidently embrace cloud by putting privileged access security first.”

CyberArk’s integrations are:

·         Microsoft Azure Sentinel is a cloud-native SIEM service with built-in AI for analytics. This integration gives users the ability to aggregate CyberArk privileged threat data with data from complementary applications and systems. Users are able to tap into Sentinel’s built-in AI for analytics to create dashboards, have a central and comprehensive view across Azure instances and connect disparate data to identify and act upon security risks quickly.

·         Azure Active Directory is a cloud-based identity service for cloud, hybrid and on-premises environments. Through CyberArk’s integration with Azure Active Directory, customers can enhance security, simplify access and align with Microsoft Azure policies. Azure users can quickly and securely access the CyberArk Privileged Access Security Solution leveraging Azure Active Directory’s multi-factor authentication and SSO capabilities, making it easy to integrate the use of CyberArk into their existing Azure implementations.

“We believe industry collaboration is essential to helping organizations better defend against fast-moving threats, and we are thrilled to have CyberArk join Microsoft Intelligent Security Association in our mission,” said Rani Lofstrom, senior product marketing manager, Microsoft. “Privileged access security continues to be a top priority for our customers, and CyberArk’s integrations will allow our customers to more easily secure privileged credentials and reduce risk in the cloud.”

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