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Chennai Celebrates an Afternoon of Fitness and Health, with Almonds

Chennai, July, 2017:In an interactive event organized by Almond Board of California at Hotel GRT Grand, Chennai, eminent Nutritionist Ms. Harini N.B came together with popular Fitness expert J. Venkatesan to talk about the multiple benefits of consuming almonds and exercising, everyday.

Through a 15 minutes exercise session, the fitness expert shared some quick and easy workout combinations along with his views on incorporating small changes like eating a handful of almonds every day and working out regularly to help lead a healthy and fit life. This was followed by the nutritionist highlighting the various benefits of eating almonds. She spoke about almonds’ anti-oxidant qualities (being rich in vitamin E), role in satiety and weight management , diabetes and maintaining a healthy heart as demonstrated by decades of published research.

J. Venkatesan, Fitness Expert, who left the audience energised after the workout session said, “Owing to our extremely busy lifestyle, exercise and healthy eating take a back-seat. However, it is crucial to understand that not taking care of one’s health and fitness means making wayfor sedentary lifestyle related ailments. Hence, in addition to working out every day, it is imperative to eat a balanced dietincluding nuts like almonds, fruits and vegetables, and not give in to shortcuts and diet fads such as fancy fitness shakes and protein supplements.”

“In addition to following a basic fitness regime, sticking to simple, wholesome foods is often all you need for your daily health and nutrition. What people forget is that natural foods are much betterfor your body than ‘diet foods’ and almonds fit the bill perfectly. They offer natural goodness in every bite and containvarious essential nutrients that can help ensure a wholesome, healthy and successful life. I always keep a handful of almonds handy in my gym bag, to be sure I consume my perfect daily portion (23 almonds/30 grams) every day. In fact, I also sometimes pair them with fruits, or include them in other snacks for variety. Since they are a natural source of many nutrients and also aid in muscle recovery, almonds also make for a great pre/post work out snack.”, adds J. Venkatesan, Fitness Expert,

Nutritionist Harini Bala said, “We tend to indulge on high carbohydrate, heavy calorie delights, especially during snack time as we do not usually plan for this time of eating. This put us not only facing the weighing scale tipping to the wrong side, but also negates any healthy eating we may have done during our bigger meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Hence, smart snacking is crucial! Infact, snacking smart with almonds is a great way to lead a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the various health benefits, these nuts are easy and quick to flavor and go with just about any masala/spices. Hence, whether at home, work or on the go, a handful (30 grams/23 almonds) of almonds are a convenient snack that can be eaten anywhere, any time of the day and through the year.”

So, in addition to following a regular workout plan, snack smart with almonds to start leading a healthier life.

About the Almond Board of California:
Almonds from California are a natural, wholesome and quality food. The Almond Board of California promotes almonds through its research-based approach to all aspects of marketing, farming and production on behalf of the more than 6,800 almond growers and processors in California, many of which are multi-generational family operations. Established in 1950 and based in Modesto, California, the Almond Board of California is a non-profit organization that administers a grower-enacted Federal Marketing Order under the supervision of the United States Department of Agriculture. For more information on the Almond Board of California or almonds, visit

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