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Celebrates International Yoga Day With Kids From Dazzling Stone Home For Children

Chennai: Continuing its commitment to society, CASAGRAND in association with Mastermind Foundationtoday organized aspecial yoga session for the residents of Dazzling Stone Home for Children. The event saw participation over 100 children along with instructors from Mastermind Foundation and employees of CASAGRAND.The special session was organized as part of the International Yoga Day celebration at the Home at Kundrathur. Mr. Anukumar – Head Channel and Referral Marketing, CASAGRAND Builder Pvt. Ltd was the chief guest at the event.

The event saw enthusiastic participation from the children who interacted with the instructors on various aspects of living a healthy life. The yoga session started off with a Surya Namaskar followed by other important asanas. The instructors also educated the children on the importance of practicing yoga to improve their physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. The initiative was organized as part of CASAGRAND’s ongoing CSR initiatives. CASAGRAND through the CASAGRAND Foundation works closely with various communities creating a difference in areas of environment and education.

Commenting on the event, Mr.Eshwar N, Executive VP – Marketing, CASAGRANDsaid, “This International Yoga Day CASAGRANDset out to do something very special. This time visited the residents of Dazzling Stone Home for Children at Kundrathur and spent time with them to educate them on the importance of maintaining good health.Interacting with these children has been an absolute joy for all of us and I’m sure the children have valuable takeaways from the wellness session we conducted here.”

The children of the Dazzling Stone Home for Children spent the morning in engaging in fulfilled activities and also took a pledge to practice yoga regularly.

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