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Catch Spices introduces Mini Masters

DS Spiceco Pvt. Ltd, the makers of Catch Salt & Spices, is a part of the DS Group, a rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate with a turnover of more than Rs 7700 crore in FY 2015-16. Catch was launched in 1987 with the revolutionary Tabletop Salt & Pepper Sprinklers and is now a preferred household name in the spice industry. Catch Spices has built up strong brand equity over the years through its constant emphasis on superior quality, innovation and its ability to understand the consumer sentiments and market trends. The complete range of Catch salt & spices has a variety of sprinklers and a diverse range of whole, ground and blended spices.

Spices are an integral component of almost all recipes in any culture, not only for their flavor and seasoning but also for their numerous medicinal values. The Spices market in India has been witnessing a double digit growth for the past few years. Some of the key drivers of growth for the industry have been the rising demand for packaged spices, emerging market for organic spices, demand for blends and influx of regional as well as global players in the market.

The branded spices segment is highly fragmented among regional and local brands. The Rs 60,000 crore spice industry in Indiais fragmented among regional and local brands. The industry is dominated by the unorganized segment with a market size of Rs 45,000 crore and the remaining Rs 15,000 crore accounts for the organized segment of the Indian spice market. However, the percentage of the branded spices in the pie has been showing an upward swing influenced by the changes in eating habits and in the lifestyle of consumers. The modern day consumer is widely travelled with an exposure to world cuisine. An exposure to the varied cuisine and paucity of time has further fuelled the demand for packaged spices. The organized segment comprises of majority of the branded spices being sold in India.

The SKUs in the spice industry have a different role to play. The small packs or the sachets are a great favourite in the segment. With the change in the eating habits, the discerning consumers prefer small trial packs to be sure of the authenticity of taste and flavor before they can spend on bigger packs.


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