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Beat Diabetes 2017 – Campaign

‘Beat Diabetes’ Campaign is ready to launch across 15 states 29 cities in India from 14thNovember 2017across 100 Lifestyle and Max Retail stores

More than four lakh people have been screened in the past 7 years under the ‘Beat Diabetes’ Campaign

The WHO in 2014 had estimated that there were 422 million adults living with diabetes worldwide. India had 69.2 million people living with diabetes as per the 2015 statistics published by the International Diabetes Federation. More than 36 million people remained undiagnosed in India. Diabetes is known as a slow and silent killer because the disease can go undetected and people do not receive the necessary treatment in time.

Recognizing the problem of Diabetes, the Landmark Group as part of ‘Social Initiatives’ is running the ‘Beat Diabetes’ program in India in association with Apollo Tele Health Services. The joint effort along with vast network and expertise of both groups has helped screen the population across the country and has increased the awareness about diabetes and has also emphasized the importance of healthy diet and physical activity in beating diabetes.

This program was initiated in 2010 and has screened more than 4, 97,670 people in the past 7 years. Free screening camps are organized to check the random blood glucose levels of people. Test reports are emailed within a day of undertaking the test. The ‘Beat Diabetes’ campaign will be conducted across 100 selected Lifestyle and Max Retail stores across 15 states 29 cities in India from 14th November to 19th November 2017. More than one lakh people are expected to undergo the blood glucose test during this campaign period. The ‘At Risk’ individuals will be advised to contact a doctor for further assessment. Follow up using tele-calling will be made to these individuals to find out if they have contacted the doctor and are taking the necessary medication and also to educate them about diabetes.

Commenting on the ‘Beat Diabetes’ campaign, Micky Jagtiani, Chairman, Landmark Group said, “ ‘Beat Diabetes’ program strengthens our commitment towards society by spreading awareness on diabetes which is increasing at an alarming rate in India and encourages people to undergo regular blood glucose tests. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions among India’s middle-class children and adolescents primarily because of processed food, physical inactivity and lifestyle and demographic transitions. Early diagnosis and intervention is the starting point for living well with diabetes.” Sangita Reddy, Chairperson and JMD Apollo Group added, “India’s economic boom has been accompanied by a meteoric increase in the number of people with diabetes – and those at-risk for the disease. Diabetes will be the world’s seventh largest killer by 2030 and intense, focus and joint effort from all stake holders within society is required to tackle diabetes in India.”

Apart from the ‘Beat Diabetes’ program, the Landmark Group and Apollo Tele Health Services as part of their CSR activities run the ‘Get Active’ program throughout the year. This program focuses on creating awareness about Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) among slum community members and manufacturing industry workers by conducting free NCD Screenings and educational sessions on diet and lifestyle modification in slum communities and factories. Screening involves tests for Anaemia, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) and Dyslipidaemia along with enhanced diagnostics for Diabetes & CVD. The educational sessions are conducted through illustrative videos in vernacular languages. Post the screening, the ‘At Risk’ individuals are counselled and made to interact with expert doctors through Tele-Consultation. The program also includes post intervention follow up using tele-calling to assess knowledge, attitude and practice gap among the individuals and to track of the health of the individuals.

The ‘Beat Diabetes’ campaign will create awareness of the following:
The types of Diabetes
 Type 1 Diabetes – autoimmune disorder where no or very little insulin is released
 Type 2 Diabetes – ineffective use of insulin
 Type 3c Diabetes – pancreatitis that leads to insufficient production of insulin
 Gestational Diabetes – occurs during pregnancy
Approved by Landmark Group
Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes, around 90% of the cases.
Type 3c diabetes can sometimes be misdiagnosed as Type 2 diabetes.
Diabetes is an important cause of blindness and kidney failure.
Many diseases that diabetics have can go undetected.
Diabetics can live a healthy life provided diabetes is detected and regulated well with proper medication, diet and lifestyle.

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