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Ayiremeen Kuzhambu at Maplai

If a place could be identified by the geo tags based on food, then it would have to be Tamil Nadu. Coming from the Tamil heartland of Madurai is the Ayiremeen Kuzhambu. A fish that is unique to this region and is seasonal with costs raising even up to a couple of grands. The uniqueness of this fish is that it used to be bread in the local Vaigai river and off late it is cultivated as well. These fishes are boneless ones often smaller than the nethili. It is usually washed in milk so that it does not upset the stomach and then it is cooked in a specially made gravy.

Its consumption has got various medical effects, such as aides in hair growth, reduces body heat and helps in bone growth.This pricey delicacy which is available in very few select outlets in Chennai is soon to be recognised as the State Fish of Tamil Nadu.As the fish as such is very small in size, it is usually made as a gravy. But in a few places it is fried, but the resultant quantity is very meagre.

“Ideally seeing, you should have the Ayiremeen Kuzhambu the next day it is made and it tastes fabulous”, according to Mr.Sakthi Vinod Rajan who co owns Maplai-Savour South India which has got 2 outlets in the city and will be opening their 3rd outlet soon in the city. “The combinations that go along with the Ayiremeen Kuzhambu is usually with hot steaming rice, idli or dosa. My personal favorite is with egg dosa”, in the words of Mr.Shyam Viswanathan who co owns Maplai.

Drop in for lunch to savour one of our signature dishes the Ayiremeen Kuzhambu with rice and during dinner as well.

Ayiremeen Kuzhambu cost Rs.399/-, available till this month end.

Maplai-Savour South India:
No. 145, East Coast Road,
Neelankarai , Chennai – 41.
+91 98846 41111.

14, Sterling Avenue,
Nungambakkum, Chennai – 32.
+91 98846 51111.

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