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Association of Piling Contractors celebrates 1styear Anniversary

Association of Piling Contractors in Tamilnadu & Pondicherry has celebrated 1styear anniversary at Hotel Vijay Park, Chennai. This association was started to help and associate in all technical and quality matters and to form unity among the contractors in TAMIL nadu & Pondicherry It was started in December 2017 to stabilize the cost of piling work, to support the welfare activities of members. 

This association was mainly formed to avoid competition among the members in Piling industry and to reinforce the quality of building foundation work. It is a non -profit association based out of Chennai and is an industry body for foundation contractors. Member undertakes piling and works on construction projects. All members are independently and regularly audited to ensure they represent the best quality in the foundation industry. They follow IS standards which undergo rigorous and encompass technical ability, quality management, sustainability, safety, and training. This Association of Piling Contractors Tamil nadu & Pondicherry sets a benchmark that represents good practices to ensure that all members maintain the IS 2911 standards of technical ability,quality and safety management.

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