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Chennai, September  2018: The Second Edition of “ALERT Being” Awards 2018 hosted at Chennai by ALERT, a voluntary non-profit organisation working to ensure ‘Right to life’ a reality in India. ALERT Being Award is a unique recognition that honours humanity by awarding real-life heroes who have contributed to the society by saving lives. By their compassion, they also serve as an inspiration to others in the community. This year ALERT Being Awards was presented to 13 real life heroes who have saved or preserved lives.

Dr Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Group of Hospital and Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali, the Prince of Arcot gave away the awards to the Good Samaritans who had been shortlisted by the distinguished members of the jury ADGP Mr Shakeel Akhtar, IPS; Nawabzada Mr Mohammed Asif Ali; Dr J S Rajkumar; Mr Sujithkumar and Ms VeenaKumaravel. Sri. Paalam Kalyanasundaram was honoured with the Lifetime achievement award and Ms. Gautami Tadimala received the icons award this year.

ALERT VoICE (Volunteer In Case of Emergency), India’s pioneer network of emergency first responders was launched by Dr Prathap C Reddy during the award ceremony. ALERT VoICE is community driven and technology based. It is a voluntary commitment from general public who pledge to save lives powered by a mobile application. ALERT VoICE has been awarded by DBS-NUS as one among the “Top 120 social enterprises to watch for in Asia”. ALERT VoICE, an app to save a life has been supported by United Way of Chennai, Royal Sundaram and Wellington Trust. Apollo Hospitals is the medical partner to the initiative.

Every Smartphone user is potential audience for ALERT VoICE. Any mobile that has the app downloaded from the play store or the app store will be able to initiate a SOS which will reach the ALERT VoICEs within a defined radius. Anyone aged 17 and above, residing in & around Chennai can volunteer to enrol into the network as an ALERT VoICE.

Speaking at ALERT Being Awards 2018, Ms Kala Balasundaram, Founder, ALERT said ‘ALERT has empowered over 70,000 citizens pan India in the last 12 years by providing training programmes in emergency response management, marching towards the goal set for ALERT by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam – “Train one in every family in emergency care”. The programmes range from 2 hours awareness sessions to 2.5 days of advanced skill programme. All awareness programmes are offered at no-cost and the skill programmes are heavily subsidised to the general public, schools and colleges. Projects through CSR remain the primary source of funds.

In India, 75% of victims can be saved if basic emergency care is provided within the golden hour.  To handle an emergency, skill is only one part of it. Majorly what is required is willingness and preparedness to be in control of the self, victim and the environment. This calls in for a holistic approach in learning emergency response. This is exactly what the ALERT simulation lab, India’s first for a common man, does. “,Added Ms Kala

While ALERT has been training common people on emergency response and creating first responders out of lay persons, the availability of first responders in a given emergency is left completely to chance. ALERT VoICE will bring the aforementioned first responders together at the right time so as to save a life. Speaking about the Launch of “ALERT VoICE”, Mr Rajesh R Trivedi, Managing Trustee, ALERT said, “After 12 years of experience in training, now ALERT ventures to provide on-ground intervention through ALERT VoICE, an app that will transform emergency response eco-systemof the nation.

Over 98% of the population lack awareness on how to respond to emergencies. Empowered volunteers delivering first response on time and on–demand will save lakhs of lives. And this is exactly what ALERT VoICE as a solution can do” added Mr Rajesh

Every ALERT VoICE – Volunteer in case of emergency goes through intense and comprehensive training programme on Emergency response that involves methodologies such as theory, demonstration, hands on, scenario-based learning etc. After the intense training, the volunteer will be assessed by the doctors of Emergency Department of Apollo hospitals and is finally provided with Comprehensive First Aid Kit, First Responder Reflector Jacket and a flash card which will enable them to attend the emergency cases in their vicinity.

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