Airowater charts national and global expansion; Expands Tamil Nadu business on the back of high demand from the region

Chennai, November, 2020 With the growing incidences of water contamination and water scarcity in India, Airowater Private Limited, India’s pioneering Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) Company, has set its sights on capturing a large share of the Atmospheric Water Generator market in India and expanding nationally as well as globally. To fund its expansion plans, Airowater is planning to raise almost USD 20 million and is in active discussions with some reputed funds.

“The increasing incidents of water contamination and water scarcity in India make it extremely important for us to adopt newer sources of water generation that doesn’t harm natural resources and is at the same time pure. With our unique technology, Airowater is well placed to cater to the demand for such a solution that is extremely relevant for India’s future. This gives us confidence that we will attract fast growth not only in India but also some global markets facing similar issues” said Mr. Siddharth Shah, Director of Air-O-Water. 

Airowater has been experiencing a sustained demand from Tamil Nadu and have sold almost 200 machines in the retail & corporate segment with demand coming from Industrial, Corporate and Retail customers.

Speaking about the Tamil Nadu market and its importance for the company, Mr. Siddharth Shah added, “We started our operations in Tamil Nadu in 2018 and received a major boost within a short span of time with the 2019 water crisis in Chennai sparking an interest in the AWG technology for which Airowater owns patent rights for manufacturing – using Air2Water Patent. As we move towards further national and global expansion, we expect Tamilnadu to play a key role in our growth with the market size being almost INR 500 cr and an expected 50% growth annually.”

The company plans to raise almost USD 20 million to fund growth to be deployed for expanding production capacity, strengthening its presence in India and capturing overseas markets like Africa which also faces similar issues as India. The funds will also go towards ramping up its R&D capabilities.

The other key target markets for Airowater within India include states such as Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, North East & West Bengal. Airowater is looking to tap into across customer categories including Retail – Residence & Small offices, Corporates – Banks, IT & manufacturing setup, Defense, Health & Educations centers, Government departments, Hotels & Restaurants.

Airowater uses a one-of-a-kind, reliable and adaptable technology which creates water from the humidity in the air, giving fresh, bacteria-free, pure drinking water. This water is completely untouched by contaminants in the ground or any other surfaces, unlike piped water. Airowater utilizes the moisture content in the air to create the purest form of drinking water through a patented 4-step filtration process.

Present-day solutions do not address the issue of chemical and pesticide contamination in water. Even bottled water which is available in the market does not provide the purest form of drinking water as most players use plastic packaging which implies a significant plastic pollution. Moreover, the fractions of harmful chemicals present in the plastic bottles contaminate the water and make it unsuitable for consumption.

Airowater is one of the purest form of drinking water as it does not contain any heavy metals, bacteria or viruses. The water generated by this process goes through a four-step filtration process for purification, which includes an air filter, water dust filter, water filter and ozone generator.

The specially formulated filtration process ensures that water is untouched by pollution and as fresh as possible. By using Airowater our ground water depletion is stopped as it’s not dependent on water. It generates its own drinking water whereas for RO there is the need of supply of water with a pressure and water connection is required.

Also in RO, 70-80 percent water is wasted in process whereas there is no wastage of water in our machines. RO also cannot remove the chemicals and the pesticides present in water.  As far as bottled water is concerned, in many cases it is filtered city water being processed in a manufacturing plant. Other bottled water is ‘spring’ water and there are no guarantees that it is truly pure and free from any contamination.

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