Wednesday , August 5 2020

Landmark and Transformative Initiative in Indian Higher Education: JGU Announces 100 New Fellowships for the Master’s and Ph.D. Graduates of 2020

O.P. Jindal Global University has announced an unprecedented policy initiative for developing an academic career plan for 100 JGU graduates (Master’s and Ph.D.) of its 2020 batch to receive generous Fellowships from the University. The 100 Teaching & Research for Intellectual Pursuit (TRIP) Fellowships offers students with the opportunity to gain holistic academic experience in a two-year fellowship programme to develop their academic & research capabilities, intellectual competencies, teaching skills with a pedagogical understanding of the learning ecosystem. The TRIP Fellowships will financially support the 2020 graduates of JGU from the Master’s and Ph.D. programmes to develop pathways to a career in academics that will also help overcome the uncertainties in the career trajectories of students caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, JGU had announced 100 GRIP Scholarships (Graduate Research Immersion Programme) for all the graduating students of JGU with a view to focussing on research and institutional mentorship for young and aspiring researchers. In all, 200 such Fellowships have been announced by the University for the benefit of the graduating class of 2020.

“Amidst the ongoing global crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are cognisant of the predicament that the graduates of universities in India and around the world are facing,” said, Professor (Dr.) C. Raj Kumar, Founding Vice Chancellor of O.P. Jindal Global University. “We believe that JGU must help and support our students, especially during these extraordinarily difficult times. The decision of JGU to offer 100 new Fellowships to the 2020 graduates of JGU from its Master’s and Doctoral programmes is a landmark initiative in higher education that will invest in the future of young and aspiring academics and research scholars. The Teaching & Research for Intellectual Pursuit (TRIP) Fellowship Programme will lay the foundation for the pursuit of a fulfilling career in academia for some of outstanding graduates of JGU. The 100 TRIP Fellowships that we have announced today and the 100 GRIP Scholarships that we had announced earlier are part of an effort to help the graduating batch of 2020 find meaningful ways to be engaged in research with a view to empower the development of next general academics, researchers and teachers,” said, Professor Kumar said. The Fellowship will help the students in their overall career progression by providing them pathways in the pursuit of academic careers as TRIP Fellows & Academic Tutors.

The TRIP Fellowship announcement is a landmark initiative, which will provide an exceptional opportunity to work closely with JGU’s outstanding global faculty members whereby they can understand and appreciate the nuances of curriculum development, student engagement and develop their knowledge and expertise on diverse pedagogical methods.

The TRIP Fellowships will support the academic and research inclined graduates of JGU to further sharpen their research skills and produce journal articles and publications of international standards working with the leading scholars and researchers of JGU. It would also further the agenda of producing high quality academics and researchers for Indian and global higher education institutions in law, management, social sciences and humanities.

The TRIP Fellowship is a two-year programme, which will commence in October 2020. The TRIP Fellows & Academic Tutors will be selected through a competitive process from the Master’s students graduating in 2020 and from the Ph.D. students who have successfully completed their thesis defence. After the successful completion of responsibilities under the TRIP Fellowship, the TRIP Fellows & Academic Tutors would be considered for the position of Assistant Lecturer in JGU and could be a part of the JGU faculty.

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