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The International Public Relations Network (IPRN) celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with a significant growth, the unveiling of a new brand, and a strategic plan to support and amplify its position as a leading global network of independent agencies around the world.

Founded in 1995, IPRN is now one of the world’s largest global networks of independent owner-led public relations firms. Through its diverse network of firms, IPRN has a presence in 105 top cities and 41 countries around the world, covering more than 80 markets including North and South America, Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Far East and Australia in all industry sectors. Ten new members joined IPRN in the last year, including Catalyst PR, bringing its total to 53, the highest number since it was formed 25 year ago.

“We have been focused on growing the network and offering unparallel representation to clients who have global needs and opportunities,” said Luis González, CEO of IPRN.  “We are increasingly seeing global demands from clients and have worked diligently to ensure that we have members in every corner of the world to assist their clients.  In addition to providing feet on the ground for clients anywhere in the world, anytime, our agency members benefit from a deep focus on best practices, knowledge transfer experiences and information sharing designed to keep all member-agencies forward-thinking in their practices,” González said.

To better reflect the organization’s widening reach, IPRN celebrates its 25th anniversary with a brand refresh that includes a new logo, dynamic website, and five- year strategic plan designed to keep member agencies on the forefront of communication in a post COVID-19 word. “If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that the world is getting smaller and more intimately connected, making communication more important than ever,” said González. “Through best practices shared at our annual conference, as well as ongoing shared information, our members are highly prepared for communicating in the new world that is emerging.”

“It is a great honour for Catalyst PR to be the only Indian member of IPRN, one of the world’s largest independent agency networks. The organization having around 53 members covering more than 100 cities across the globe, supports business development and communication competencies around the world. The combined fee income of its members exceeds 550M dollars, with staffing of more than 7,000. Being the official Indian member, we now have the privilege of offering our Indian customers with a never-before opportunity of meeting their global requirements at reasonable prices,” said Ramkumar Singaram, CEO, Catalyst Public Relations Pvt. Ltd.

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IPRN holds an Annual General Meeting and Conference each year in a different city. This year, the annual conference will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) from the 6th to the 10th of November, hosted by Central de Informaçao, the Portuguese member of the network. The congress is dedicated to sharing best practices while also networking with agency owners to discuss business opportunities for clients. 

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