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Why you should check out ZEE5’s series on the infamous Auto Shankar?

In the year 2018, online streaming services branched out into making web series based on gangsters like Sacred Games, Mirzapur, Rangbaaz and many more. As much as I loved watching them, I was also hoping to see something in Tamil in the near future. But today that hope has finally turned into reality. Yeah, ZEE5 finally dropped the most awaited web series – ‘Auto Shankar’ on their platform on 23rd April 2019. After binge-watching the entire series, I believe this is everything we have been asking for. So, let’s look at some of the reasons why you should check out ZEE5’s new original series on the infamous Auto Shankar.

The Subject Matter: The new ZEE5 web series is based on the infamous Auto Shankar – a ruthless killer who used to rule Chennai in the 1980s. The web series stuck to its promise of providing a spine chilling experience to its viewers. The web series is not the first one to be inspired by the serial killer. In fact, one of the famous action films of the 90s titled Pulan Visaranai’s antagonist was also based on Auto Shankar. Considering the web series is based on true events, Auto Shankar will give you a mind-boggling experience.

Appani Sarath: Auto Shankar is no ordinary criminal, and only one with some great screen presence can do proper justice to the role. Hence, no one batted an eyelid when it was announced that Angamaly Diaries fame Appani Sarath would be playing his role on this ZEE5 original. Right from his first movie – Angamaly Diaries, the actor left both critics and general audience jaw-dropped with his impeccable acting skills and won many along the way. He managed to give yet another blood-curdling performance as the titular character in this series.

Cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa: Manoj Paramahamsa is one of the leading cinematographers in Inda who has worked in Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu movies. In Auto Shankar, the acclaimed cameraman has not only taken care of the camera work but has also produced the web series. With more than 10 years of experience in the industry, Manoj knew right from the start that Auto Shankar would be a no-holds-barred-experience for the movie buffs and after watching the series, I can validate that it is.

The Uncensored Approach: The uncensored approach became one of the major reasons why Auto Shankar got hyped more after its release. The director and Manoj Paramahamsa did not steer themselves away from showing the real incidents in their rawest form. As a result, the series received critical acclaim with some even calling it effective, profanity-laced storytelling.

Technical Aspects: The creators of the web series wanted to leave no stone unturned while making a web series based on the cruellest serial killer. Manoj’s cinematography is as good as it can get. Right from its colour palette to the production design, Auto Shankar would hit you with nostalgia in more way than one. I can bet that after watching the show, one cannot hold themselves from appreciating the efforts that went into the production.

If you have been longing for some raw gangster content, then look no further than the new ZEE5 Tamil original series Auto Shankar. Let me know about your views on the series in the comments.

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