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VIRTU.FITNESS Launch by Actress Sneha Prasanna in Chennai

Virtu.Fitness, a new-age fitness technology company, today launched their first workout hub in Vepery, Chennai. Renowned Indian actress, Sneha Prasanna joined the team for the launch party, where she interacted with the audience and shared her fitness journey. Also present was Harsha Davlur, founder and MD of virtu.fitness, a fitness and technology enthusiast, who addressed the gathering about the idea behind virtu.fitness, their vision and future plans.

Every fitness journey needs time, effort and motivation. In addition, it needs the right guidance, in the form of goal setting, qualified training and nutrition advice at a very personal, one-on-one level. Most gyms fail to deliver this, as the trainers attend to multiple members simultaneously, and the members workout without such advice. By defining a pre-designed, balanced program for every day, and relaying them through a series of television sets, virtu.fitness eases out trainer’s mindspace for personal attention.

At a virtu.fitness studio, trainers focus on every individual’s posture and form, and provide progression and regression options to help them achieve their goals. With a variety of workout combinations across cardio (cardiovascular exercises), resistance training and core workouts, we ensure that several goals may be approached within a one-hour workout.

The market for fitness in India at the end of 2017 was estimated at INR 7000 crore, and this is pegged to grow at a 17-19 percent every year. Of this, the retail space occupies over 28 percent, and that is the opportunity area for virtu.fitness. We are at the helm of an industry-wide transformation, and with the advent of technology, this young startup aims to make fitness more streamlined, result-oriented and effective.

As of next plans, the company is developing a virtual reality in fitness product, that should hit the market in the next two months, making it the first chain in the world delivering a complete fitness experience through VR.

Quote from Founder: Harsha Davlur, Founder and MD, Virtu.Fitness:
“We are a lean, highly competent team that is constantly looking for opportunities to deliver value through a customer-centric approach to business. While we are innovators on one end, we would also be early adopters of any new development that happens worldwide in this sector – that makes workouts more enjoyable, motivating and fun”

Quote from special guest, Sneha Prasanna, Actress:
“I am very happy to join the virtu.fitness team here for the launch of their Vepery, fitness hub. The whole idea of simplifying fitness with technology, sounds amazing to me. I totally enjoyed my workout here today, and would love to join them for a lot more sessions.”

About Virtu.Fitness
Virtu.Fitness is an Indian fitness technology company. Bringing cutting-edge technology solutions to the fitness industry, virtu.fitness delivers a visionary, effective and enjoyable workout experience regardless of the person’s body type, fitness level or background. Their programs are of freestyle, functional design and are a combination of cardio, resistance and core workouts. Programs are delivered in a group-training, circuit model catering to a variety of goals, and are created to improve every member’s fitness quotient and wellbeing for life.

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