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Imagine 10,000 runners from South India run for one cause across multiple venues in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mangalore. That’s just what happened on 24th September. The Forum Mall introduced The Purple Run, a signature campaign that will throw light on Alzheimer’s. At a time when mental health is ignored and mental illness is looked down upon, The Forum wants to beat the stigma attached with Alzheimer’s as most cases in India go undiagnosed and hence, untreated.

The Purple Run is a competitive half marathon including mini and micro marathons that encourage not just trained athletes but also families and younger ones to participate. The categories were 21 km, 10 km, 5 km and 3 km.

Adding a new meaning to the colour purple that is associated with Alzheimer’s, The Purple Run flagged off from 5 malls at the same time on 24th September.

Proceeds from the marathon were donated to the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) towards research on diagnosis, treatment and cure of Alzheimer’s.

Route Map 21 Km & 10 KM

Olcott School – Royal Enfield Showroom – Thiru Vi Ka Bridge – RK Mutt Road – DGS Salai – Ayyappan temple – Leele Palace- Chettinnad vidyashiram – Thiru Vi Ka Bridge – Finish at Olcott (21 KM 2 Rounds)

Route Map 5 Km & 3 KM

Olcott Road – Royal Enfield – Thiru Ki Va Bridge – (2.5 KM U turn) – Back Finish Olcott School

Olcott Road – Royal Enfield – Rajasthan Handloom (1.5 KM U turn) – Back Finish Olcott School

Winner List

21 KM – Frist Prize 70,000, Second Prize 60,000 & Third Prize – 50,000 (Split between Men & Women)

Men – Kinyua Nyaga(01.15.29) First

Palisetti Kiran – (01.16.20)Second

Partheeban – (01.22.23) Third

Women – E Vasanthamani (01.36.39) First

Vimala S (01.37.05) Second

Banupriya (01.58.43)

10 KM – Frist Prize 40,000, Second Prize 20,000 & Third Prize – 10,000 (Split between Men & Women)

Winners Men – Lenin



Women – Elavarasi


Mohita Malothra


Ever since Alzheimer’s was first recorded in 1906, the disease has eluded many researchers and scientists for over a century. Alzheimer’s is perceived as the most common form of dementia that affects a person’s mind and degrades their basic brain functioning such as memory; cognitive abilities like thinking, behaviour and day to day activities and leads to eventual death by shrinking of the brain over time. According to NIMHANS, in the early stages of dementia, brain image scans may be normal however in later stages, an MRI may show a decrease in the size of different areas of the brain. There has been no definitive prevention or cure. Early identification and treatment could help slowing down the progression of this disease. According to a research conducted by ARDSI, over 6 million Indians are affected by some forms of dementia and by 2020 we may have over close to 20 million.

Although there is no cure for the disease itself, it helps when people stand together to support affected people and families. Only through awareness can we accept and understand victims and their families.

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