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Chennai, February 2019: The much-awaited 8th edition of Global Isai Festival kick-started at Phoenix MarketCity on the 23rd of February 2019 (Saturday) in Chennai with rocking live music performances and colorful cultural celebrations. The festival was inaugurated by Nawabzada Mohammed Asif Ali, Dewan to Prince of Arcot. He stated how the two-day music festival serves as a beautiful platform for music enthusiasts to not only enjoy music by their favourite local and international artists but also to learn from people of different cultural background. The highlight for the day was performances by Funktuation, The Non-Violinist Project and Department of Music, Martin Luther Christian University.
It was an evening of stand-up comedy acts, magicians, dancers, jugglers, gymnasts, graffiti artists and pop-up market. The spectacular music festival began with a rocking and power-packed performance by Department of Music, Martin Luther Christian University. They not only made the audience sing but also made them move their body to the tunes of the beautiful rhythm, using traditional instruments. Their performance was both electrifying and charming at the same time. They performed traditional songs with traditional attires renewing the vitality of all the listeners.

The next on stage was the Non Violinist Project. The band is a coalescence of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. The pulled off a show stopping violin performance created magic with their strings. They performed musicals of the songs, Vallaosai and Kannalanae to everyone’s surprise.

Saving the best for last, was the eagerly awaited performance by the famous band, Funkutation, with Benny Dayal and the team. Hitting the floor with the high-energy track, they encouraged the audience to indulge in some extravaganza. They wooed the audience with some of his well-known tracks such as Oora Paaru and Tamil Fever. Like always, they left the audience spell bound with their heart throbbing numbers. The listeners roared to a rapturous applause when he performed the song Hamma Hamma.
Music lovers got the opportunity to relax and enjoy an evening of knockout live performances and irresistible energy! It was a grand music festival in a beautiful location, with music enthusiasts enjoying to the fullest from all over the city. The beautifully curated events brought back the carnival celebrations.

Mr. Murugan Rajan, Center Director, Phoenix MarketCity, Chennai said, “The Global Isai festival is Phoenix MarketCity’s signature event and with every year it gets bigger and better with the kind of artists that we bring in. We aspire to create a musical experience by bringing in the fun of carnival and that stands us apart from others. We endeavor to bring in the zing of entertainment to our city by hosting such niche live entertainment events.

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