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Suits Season 7: The Dream Team is back with more Cliffhangers!

After the dramatic end of Character and Fitness, in Season 6, Suits is back with more action, vigor and legal drama in Pearson Specter Litt.

Season 7 swept us by the feet with cliffhanging twists in the plot and a lot more bromance between Harvey and Mike.

1. Someone’s becoming a Senior Partner, who is it?

While Jessica is gone and Harvey’s taking reigns in his hands, there is addition to the top management team of the firm. Totally unexpected and unthinkable, it will leave you gasping for more.

2. Harvey’s romantic life takes an unexpected turn

Is Donna finally going to get ‘more’ from Harvey or will someone else sweep his heart away? There’s more to his love life than it was thought of.

3. Harvey and Mike, who will be the realist this time?

With Harvey in Jessica’s shoes and Mike attaining his new position, they both need emotional and mental support. It’s exciting to see who the bigger man becomes and gets the other one on track.

4. Rachel and Mike, where’s the cupid hiding?

Last it was seen, Mike proposed to Rachel, but will that lead to wedding bells or has the cupid flown away? The dynamics of their relationship is more complex than every thought of.

5. What is more for Donna?
Donna was shown asking for more. What is that more? Season 7 will answer your most curious questions in the most exciting manner.

Don’t miss the Television Premiere of Suits Season 7, on Friday 14th July, 8 PM onwards only on Comedy Central – Your Happy Place!


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