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SRMU conducts “Black Badge Demonstration”

Chennai, March : As per the decision of National Joint Council for Action (NJCA)
comprising All India Railwaymen Federation (AIRF) and Southern Railway Mazdoor Union (SRMU), which leads the 45 Lakh Central Government employees have decided to conduct “Black Badge Demonstration” on 13-03-2019, throughout India, to press for implementation of 26 Demands, which includes change of New Pension Scheme as that of “Guaranteed Family Pension”, revising the minimum wage from Rs.18000/-, revision in
the Pay Fitment Formula, change in Running Allowance for Loco Pilot / Guard and re-introduction of LARSGESS Scheme for giving employment to the wards of railway men working in safety category when they go for voluntary retirement.

Dr.N.Kanniah leads the agitation at Chennai : In Southern Railway, employees of Chennai Division and GM/DRM office staff held their Protest Day Programme in GM Office Complex, today, which was led by Dr.N.Kanniah, who is the General Secretary of SRMU, Working President of All India Railway men Federation and Convenor of South Zone of NJCA.

Dr. N.Kanniah warns that All Central and State Government Staff may go on a nation wide agitation if the New Pension Scheme is not changed as “Guaranteed Family Pension” : Addressing thousands of Railway men who assembled at the venue, he stated that the then BJP Government in 2004, introduced “New Pension Scheme” which although was renamed as “National Pension System” (NPS), it still continues to be “No Pension System” only.

Those who joined prior to 2004, are getting their 50% of last drawn salary as
“Pension”, which was changed after 2004 as ‘New Pension Scheme”. Even though,
persons who joined after 2004, are contributing a minimum of Rs.1800/- per month, under the “New Pension Scheme”, there is no guarantee for the pension amount, which a person would get at the time of retirement.

Continuous struggle by SRMU/AIRF results in some changes occurring under the “New Pension Scheme” : SRMU & AIRF had continuously and relentlessly fought against the NPS Scheme due to which few changes have occurred in the NPS Scheme. Initially between 2004 and 2009, the NPS Scheme had no pension at all.

Subsequently due to our struggle, such of
those families of deceased employees (appointed after 2004 also) were given family pension. Similarly, such of those employees who joined after 2004 and medically unfitted have also got Medical Invalidation Pension and Gratuity, temporary drawal of NPS Scheme for medical expenses, house construction and marriage of children were all obtained due to the continuous struggle by SRMU & AIRF. Dr.N.Kanniah stated that, due
to our continuous struggle, in the similar manner, we can also change the NPS scheme as to that of “Guaranteed Pension”.
The Central Government offer of contributing 14% is only an eye wash :
Due to the continuous struggle of Central Government employees and Railway
employees, the Government agreed to enhance its contribution from 10% to 14%, however, it has not given any guarantee what could be the pension that would be given to an employee at the time of retirement. The savings of employees would be invested in stock market, and when there is a slide in stock market, then the investments made by employees will get eroded and they may not even get back their investments leave alone returns on
their investments. The Central Government is unwilling to give any guarantee in this

He stated that, the Central Government must take appropriate decision and the New Pension Scheme should be modified similar to the pre-2004 pension scheme, which guarantees 50% of the last drawn salary as pension. If the Central Government fails to take

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