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SRMIST organized Anti cancer Awareness campaign

Oral cancer is the 11th most common cancer in the world, accounting for an estimated 300,000 new cases and Two-thirds of the global incidence of oral cancer occurs in low- and middle-income countries, half of those cases are in South Asia. India alone accounts for one-fifth of all oral cancer cases and one-fourth of all oral cancer deaths. When primary prevention fails, early detection through screening and relatively inexpensive treatment can avert most deaths. However, oral cancer continues to be a major cancer in India, .In accordance to that an Anti cancer Awareness campaign has been initiated and an Anti cancer torch has been circulated in India by the Indian Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology . The torch has reached SRM KATTANKULATHUR Dental College and as an effort to spread awareness No Tobacco Rally was organised in the presence of the guest of honour, Dr.Nadeem Jeddy, Honourary secretary, IAOMP. The event was inaugurated by Dr.S.Ponnusamy, Controller of Examinations, SRM Institute of science and technology. The programme was organized under the guidance of Dr.Vivek.N, Dean,SRM Kattankulathur Dental College and Dr. Magesh KT, Vice principal. 150 -200 students and staff of the Dental college marched carrying play cards from depicting the ill effects of smoking and tobacco . Street play was enacted to create social awareness.

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