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Sri Vedantha Desikan 750th Thirunakshatra Mahotsavam.

Srirang­­­am Trichy,  January 2018, Sri Vedanta Desikan, the famous philosopher and Guru is one of the most brilliant stalwarts of Indian soil. Being a celebrated poet and master of all schools of Indian philosophy, he has more than hundred works to his credit. His works are taken for syllabus in Sanskrit universities and studied in traditional Sanskrit patasalas. His 750th Birth Anniversary falls during September 2018. More than 500 devotees and scholars celebrated the 750th anniversary at Sri Rangam Srimad Ahobila Matam. As part of the celebrations, a seminar on “DESIKA PRABANDHAM”, Upanyasams, Rendering Desika‟s works in music.

Welcome address was given by Sri U Ve Navalpakkam Vasudevacharyar Swami. Speaking at the seminar E.S.L. NARASIMHAN, (Honourable Governor Andhra Pradesh and Telengana) said, “It is my immense pleasure to participate in the Desikan-750 Vaibhava Celebrations being held here at Srirangam, today.  In fact, I am delighted and feel blessed by Swami Desikan himself. Srirangam is a special place for both Bhagavath Ramanujar and Swami Desikan, because both of them protected the Hindu Dharma in this place only by debates with the opponent religions.  It is worth mentioning that Lord Ranganatha himself conferred Swami Desikan with a title viz. “Vedantha Desikan”, followed by the title “Sarvathanthra Swanthanthrar” offered by Goddess Sri Ranganayaki”.

A book titled “Sri Vedanta Desikanin Vaishnava Nerigal” was released by Sriman E.S.L. NARASIMHAN, (Honourable Governor Andhra Pradesh and Telengana) & received by Sriman RAGHU N CHARI (Principal Commissioner-Customs, Chennai) in  the Presence of Sri U Ve S K RANGARAJA BHATTAR, Chief Archagar Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Srirangam. Book titled “Sri Vedanta Desikanin Vaishnava Nerigal” – contains History and Sri Vaishnava Doctrines & Practices of SRI VEDANTHA DESIKAN explained in a lucid form for the benefit of all Sri Vaishnavas around the world.  This book in addition to the history contains important practices viz Samasrayanam, Saranagathi, Thiruman kaappu,Thiruvaradhanam, Anustanam and Aacharam, etc. This Treasure will be useful for all people to understand  “Why”, “For What” and  “How” to practice these doctrines and enrich the daily living. All these subjects extracted from Swami Desikan’s Anugrahams. Book comprising about 265 pages, priced just at Rs. 100 only & it is also planned to release this book in various languages, viz., Telugu, Kannada, Hindi and English in coming months.

Sri U Ve T E SRINIVASACHARYAR, SRIPERUMBUDUR said, “I personally feel proud to commemorate this utsavam officially. I wish such utsvams shall be continuously celebrated everywhere and I wish them Success. Further, many utsavams shall also be celebrated by Ramanujadays group in the days to come.  They shall be blessed by Emperuman for this. Ramanujadays is greater than the ocean.  The name and fame of this Ramanujadaya group also shall grow and shine like that.I wish thousands shall buy, read and get the benefits out of it.  I wish many more such books shall be released by this Group.I wish this Group all Success in their endeavors”.

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