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Snort some Chocolate at this store in Bruges and Antwerp!

Among all the chocolate experiences Belgium has to offer one should not miss the most extraordinary store of Belgium’s very own Willy Wonka – Dominique Persoone and try The Chocolate Shooter to snort up some cocoa for an unforgettable experience.

Famous for designing unique chocolate creations for restaurants with global reputations, his sense of creativity extends further than taste alone. He taught the Rolling Stones to sniff chocolate with a Chocolate Shooter he designed himself. The idea was that when sniffed, chocolate gives you a faster high as compared to when it is consumed orally. He is also renowned for inventing the chocolate lipstick that has livened up many a dinner party!

In this shop, Dominique Persoone and Fabienne De Staerke treat gourmets, foodies, top chefs, tourists and anyone who drops by to exciting chocolate creations. The Chocolate Line has also revolutionised traditional chocolate pralines, with exotic combinations such as saffron curry, wasabi, bacon, oystersand tequila as also cannabis!

A visit to The Chocolate Line is an experience for all the senses, so go on dig into this sinfulness.



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